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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ohio's Right-Leaning Bloggers: For Now, None Make The Top 40

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio's hardworking bloggers who plug GOP politics or conservative issues deserve better. None in the Top 40, not even an honorable mention. Surely, somebody on the Ohiosphere's right is a .300 hitter.

Compiled by RightWingNews, the list tries to measure influence and reach. RWN is an important national blog that is one of only 14 linked on the Republican National Committee's official Website. Two Minnesota blogs, Captain's Quarters and Powerline, are ranked Top 40 material. But that state is hardly a key political battleground -- at least, not when measured against Ohio which decides who wins the White House.

RWN says August is a slow month and somebody different could be in the Top 40 when a new list is compiled later this year.

"Additionally, it's worth noting that there are more than a few blogs, even what are normally very good blogs, that would make the list (or rank higher), that seem to have a case of the 'summer blahs.' August in a non-election year, could fairly be said to be the absolute low point of the political cycle. Congress isn't in session, traffic drops, and there usually isn't comparatively, that much going on. So, perhaps, it's not surprising that so many bloggers are catching up on some much needed rest and foregoing their normal level of posting this month."

So, Ohio's righties are drowsy. Or nodding during the Dog Days. Somehow can't believe that.


  1. Bill - is there a center, nonpartisan or left equivalent?

  2. Hi Jill --

    There must be something out there. I spotted this while looking at the RNC-linked blogs. Maybe you should do a ranking. We have BlogNetNews and their take, too.

    By the way, good post on the Dem/Race flap. I was thinking about writing something based upon your thoughts and actions -- sort of which comes first, journalism or activism if one is a citizen journalist.

  3. Bill,

    We are sort of represented by Don Surber. Sure, he currently resides in West Virginia but he grew up in Cleveland (Lakewood High School) and is still a fervent Indians fan.

    Separately, that list is just one guy's (Hawkins) opinion. Any ranking of center-right blogs which does not include BizzyBlog is off base.

  4. Hi LargeBill --

    Nah. He's not an Ohio blogger, even if he does have Ohio ties. That would be like Tennesee trying to claim the Bellwether because I spent my youth in that state.

    On the other hand, you are right about Mr. Blumer's Bizzyblog. I am a fan. Also WOMD. I am a fan of Mr. Hurley's. And RAB. I admit it, I am a fan. There are others as well. LargeBill, as you noted, that is one man's list, but it should have had room for a Buckeye. We've got the hardest working bloggers in show business -- right, left or down the middle. They deserve recognition because they have earned it.