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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ohiosphere Tale Of The Day III: Lingerie Aisles At The Home Depot

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Jeff Hess of HaveCoffeeWillWrite found a poem by an unknown author that says women should know their way around a hardware store. But not be hard as nails. They can still practice the arts of black lace, too. These would be women who are equipped to juggle apparent opposites.

Lord, wouldn't it be a sight if they started stocking Victoria Secret next to the paint, plumbing supplies and furnace filters.

Sharon McKern, a southern writer, says she knows of women who excel at pulling stumps out of lakes. "They never put much stock in theoretical solutions. They're far less romantic, for all their canopied beds and moonlit verandas . . . This may have to do with their long familiarity with age-old burdens like washing diapers, administering enemas, and laying out the dead."

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