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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ohiosphere Tale Of The Day (V): Cincy Beacon Says Cincy Enquirer Blew Off Ohio Vote Fraud Story

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Cincinnati Beacon slapped the Cincinnati Enquirer over slipshod journalism and has given the much larger corporate media outlet a black eye. Read the Beacon's account linked above.

I will say this about 2004 vote fraud in Ohio. There was great reluctance in many newsrooms around the state to take the story seriously. I was a reporter at the time, covered the story, and know what a lot of journalism higher ups thought around the state -- not just The Plain Dealer. Was the election stolen? I don't think it was. The Kerry campaign's top lawyer, who worked in Cincinnati and spoke to me several times, had lots of questions and suspicions of irregularities. But he didn't believe there was enough to challenge the outcome. Journalists pretty much stopped right there because -- I think -- their bosses didn't see much point of digging further. There was another reason probably -- digging would only anger Republicans, who were on top in 2005 and looked to be locked into power.

Things have changed since then.


  1. Oh, for crying out loud, if Republicans had the ability to cheat at elections, we'd be talking about Governor Blackwell right about now...

  2. Hi Matt --

    A very good line. But . . . how did Bob Taft get into office? There has to be some explanation other than he won fair and square.