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Monday, August 27, 2007

Pennsylvania Is Bragging: A 50-Year Low In Welfare Recipients

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Pennsylvania said today its welfare caseload has fallen to the lowest level in nearly a half century. The state is headed by Gov. Ed Rendell, a former Philadelphia mayor who served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 2000 presidential election. Welfare reform at the federal level and an improving jobs market were credited with reducing welfare rolls in Ohio's neighboring state, a state that also is transitioning away from its dependence on a manufacturing economy.

"As Pennsylvania's economy continues to show signs of strength along with expanded employment opportunities, the Department of Welfare has redesigned its system to better help recipients develop the skills they need to move their families from welfare to work and independence. Changes started in 2003 have begun to help the department better perform assessments that match clients with jobs, emphasize career-building and long-term employment and invest in needed supports such as child care."

How long will it be -- if ever -- before our state announces, "As Ohio's economy continues to show signs of strength along with expanded employment opportunities . . ."


  1. At least 4 years, probably more. We are more likely to become a MI or NJ than a vibrant economy. Between the RINOs in this state and Gov. Mulligan, we won't see anything pro-growth for a while. At least the Legis-TEL saved us for the next 2 years. Wait 'til after the '08 elections, though, when the DNC doesn't need Ted anymore. They'll be able to run roughshod over the linguini-spined ORP with their puppet at the helm.

  2. Hi Joe C.

    Linguini-spined is a great turn of phrase. I am going to steal it from you some day. What do you know about the NJ economy? Isn't it going pretty strong there, at least that is what I've heard although I haven't checked any numbers.