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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who Elected Sean Hannity? Conservative Talker Given Police Chauffeur In Cincy

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- This is juicier than a prime rib rare: Conservative talk show host and FOX News Channel commentator Sean Hannity was chauffeured in Cincinnati by a publicly funded law enforcement agency to a ritzy steakhouse luncheon date with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

That's what the Whisteblower is reporting. Publisher Jim Schifrin says Hannity was granted special treatment on Thursday, August 9, 2007. Others are wondering: Since when does working for Rupert Murdoch confer the status of governors, heads of state or royalty.

Why else would the cops drive him to lunch? If Hannity was running late, then the right wing mouthpiece should have fought traffic like the rest of the citizenry, the great masses who actually work for a living. Here's Schifrin's item mentioning the luncheon (and if you are an Ohio taxpayer, please don't choke while reading):

"Republican Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani came into town on Thursday for several whirlwind appearances here. Oddly, Sheriff Si Leis used his offices and vehicles (not the Cincinnati police) to escort Giuliani to Ruby's Steak House on Walnut Street downtown, with blue lights and sirens, for a lunch-time fundraiser. Leis again used his staff and vehicles to bring Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity to the restaurant half an hour later. Semper Si never has realized the County vehicles are not a private chauffeur service for the use of his friends."

So far, no response from authorities. The Aug. 11, 2007 issue of the Whistleblower is available online at this Website, and contains the account of Hannity's chauffeured trip to lunch in a law enforcement vehicle. One must read down through several items. Schifrin often breaks news, and he oftens insults people, and he's been doing it for years. If his account of Hannity's special treatment holds up, he's scored a major scoop about a fatheaded hypocrite named Hannity who saw nothing wrong with abusing the taxpayers. Cops as chaffeurs?

Hannity was in town for a "Freedom Concert" Thursday night at Kings Island amusement park, where money was raised for military families. Giuliani took the stage and addressed the concert crowd of about 10,000 and delivered a barb that appeared directed at politicians who don't support the War in Iraq:

"There's nothing wrong with the morale of the American troops. There is something wrong with the morale of some American politicians."


  1. You don't get it do you? It was not Sean Hannity that the officers were chauffeuring to a meeting or lunch but a presidential candidate who they were hired to protect from every wackjob nutcase out there who would do harm to either of the two men.

    Look at your own comments in this post. You are so critical of the actions taken by the police that you think that Sean Hannity is worthy to be the subject of your comments. Next time before you make a critical comment be sure you have all of the facts and you know what you are talking about!

    Have a wonderful day...

  2. Hi Anon 12:46 PM EST --

    Are we talking about the same thing? Who says it is wrong for the authorities to protect a presidential candidate?

    Or, are you saying that Hannity is running for president? That's news. I'll go check the polls immediately.


  3. Hannity should reimburse the county for the cost of the ride. Si Leis should have retired years ago.

    As far as Hannity running goes, one of my brothers (who I consider to be fairly liberal from decades of reading the PD) actually was pushing that idea. Not sure what made him think that would be a good idea.

  4. Hi LargeBill --

    I put a call in to the Whistleblower Saturday to see what else he knows, or how solid his story was, or if there is more. Haven't heard anything back yet.

    And, of course, we only have that info. The sheriff could have a completely different story. I posted Schifrin's report because over the years has has gotten good, reliable stuff that holds up.
    I know that Sheriff Leis sends bills to politicians who need escorts for fundraisers. He covers them because they need protection, but won't do it at public expense if the appearance is purely political and does not involve public business. For example, a bridge dedication would be entititled to free protection. A fundraiser in Indian Hill would not. He sent former Sen. Mike DeWine a bill last year when President Bush stopped by Indian Hill to raise money for DeWine's unsuccessful reelection bid. I don't think DeWine bothered to pay it, either. At least, that was the last word I had in 2006.

  5. countyworkerLisaAugust 12, 2007 5:53 PM

    Did I mention that Sheriff Simon Leis is 73 years old?

  6. Hi Lisa --

    State judge cannot run after they are 70. Cincinnati's archbishop turned 73 Sunday Aug. 12, 2007 and runs into Rome's mandatory retirement edict in two years. Should the sheriff step down? He's pretty well respected, and has done a lot of good in Over-the-Rhine, where his deputies has had a positive impact on a crime-ridden neighorhood in Cincinnati. I really don't know who could do a better job . . .

    Maybe others have suggestions. But the sheriff still seems to be on top of his law enforcement game.

  7. "Leis again used his staff and vehicles to bring Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity to the restaurant half an hour later."
    What a waste of taxpayer money. Hannity is pimping Americans to make a buck for his greedy self.

  8. Escorts offer little to no protection, only reactionary services. Someone should have taken the both of them out... by shooting out their tires and making them actually do some manual labor and change their spare tires. I cry for this country every day for what it has become. You all are as free as chickens at a KFC ranch... waiting for your waterboarding number to come up.

  9. Hannity was in town for a "Freedom Concert" Thursday night at Kings Island amusement park, where money was raised for military families.

    So, guy comes to Cincinatti raises MILLIONS for the troops and people want to attack him and throw mud at him?

    What's next? You guys going to want the US Army to charge the USO for people who visit the troops for their transportation?

  10. you Conservative bashers are pathetic. nothing better to do than get on your soap box and whine about a Republican (scary!) getting a favor from police, or some other perk here or there.

    as if celebrity members of the Democratic party never get such treatment.

    just Google "police escorts for celebrities" or some version of that, and enjoy the thousands upon thousands of hits. and when you start to wonder what political party those celebs belong to, stop after a nanosecond and guess (quite accurately) that it's the one with the donkey.

    but of course, your "it's ok when we do it, but not those evil Conservatives" mentality makes it all o.k. in your book.

    so pathetic.

  11. It was a paid law enforcement detail. Giuliani hired and will be billed for the sheriff's services.

  12. Does anyone else think that the Forrest Gumps of the Repupublican Party are making Hannity a billionaire? These "sheep" are being led to slaughter and unfortunately, they're taking alot of us with them. Man – it is depressing enough when our fellow American's substitute " religious fanaticism and blind belief" for their ignorance – We have to begin taxing churches to stop these nut jobs. I just watched “Jesus Camp” again – Brainwashing children is what it is. Has nothing to do with Christianity - everything to do with "fear, hate and fanaticism" ignoring fact, science and history – just like the Islamic extremists – our country has gone mad – Those that want to meet Allah and Jesus – please kill yourselves now and let the rest of us live! The journey to heaven is not Armeggedon – but how we live our lives – not how we hurry to our demise!! These NeoCon nuts are cowards in their stupidity (if you do not know the answer – just say, “God’s will”). If you want to think about it - I believe the church was crucifying people for their theories on a “round world” up until about 1492!!! Now we have man riding dinosaurs because the church can't deal with the science - they're creating stories to fit their ignorance.

    Those same NeoCons believe God is American and are frightfully taking us where the Taliban has taken Islam to fanaticism. Hard to believe we all grew up in Ohio -(to my friends here in New York and California)!

  13. OK...I realize you write a blogb, which means you have ZERO journalistic skills or integirty, but surely you must realize that it ia VERY common for people to PAY to police department for this. You have absolutely ZERO proof (again, going with the fact that you are not a real journalist) that tax payers paid a dime. In fac,t they didn't. And since the person (in this case Hannity or Fox News) paid not only the salaries of the officers, but also for the use of the vehicles which is MORE than what the actual wear and tear o the vehicles, the taxpayers came out ahead.

    But keep cranking out those blogs! Nothing say "I am unintelligent" like writing a diary and thinking that other people want to read it. But also realize that the only one who came out looking bad here is YOU. Not Hannity, not Guiliani, and not the city. IF you had any integrity to start with, you lost it.

  14. The whole concept of "real" journalist has no merit. If the poster has posted reliable material, then that would make him worthy of people listening. If whoever ordered the service does not pay for Hannity's ride, then taxpayers were charged for it.