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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bush Gives Case Western Trustee White House Post: She'll Be His Patronage Chief

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- President George Bush, in the final 16 months of his administration, has picked a Case Western Reserve University trustee as his White House assistant in charge of presidential personnel. The White House credits Joie A. Gregor, who has a home in Cleveland, with "extensive experience in recruiting board members, chief executive officers, and chief operating officers for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to her work in search, Joie was with IBM where she held a variety of senior management positions."

She has been vice chairman of the Case board of trustees, and hold an M.A. from the school. Her Case biography shows she has been active in bringing new members to the Cleveland university's board. In 2006, Gregor went to Afghanistan in a delegation that was supposed built U.S. business ties with that nation. She was enthusiastic about serving in the delegation, which visited Afghanistan before the Taliban resurgence gained the kind of traction it has today.

"It's a phenomenal life experience to work with President Karzai and his cabinet to move the country in a positive direction; it is a wonderful opportunity."

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