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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ex-Moral Majority Director Chuck Baldwin: Religious Right Sold Out Its Principles

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Christian talk show host Chuck Baldwin is a former executive director of the Moral Majority, and he ripped into the religious right for political shallowness and called them "lackeys and doormats for President Bush.".

Baldwin said he can't support any of the leading Republican presidential candidates this year, and thinks values voters should at least look at Ron Paul, the Texas congressman. Baldwin is a Baptist minister with a following in the South. He is not on the same page as many evangelicals who are avid Republicans.

"The main objection I have with the Religious Right is they have (for the most part) given President George W. Bush (and the Republican Party in general) a complete and total pass. Over the past nearly seven years now, Bush and GOP leaders have betrayed most every principle that I ever understood the Religious Right to stand for. Yet, our national Christian leaders (and local pastors throughout America) have been content to look the other way and say nothing. Or worse, they have actually defended Bush's liberal, big-spending, anti-freedom and unconstitutional ways. In a nutshell, for a seat at the king's table, the Religious Right sold out its principles."

Notice that Baldwin -- if one reads his statement carefully -- chose to use the word "betrayed" in the paragraph above.

He employed betrayed to describe the conduct of Bush and national Republican leaders. Betrayed has also been used by the liberal Democratic left to describe politicians and Gen. David Petraeus -- specifically, the ads that targeted Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and the infamous Petraeus/Betray Us.

Inquiring minds are wondering: Is betrayed becoming the buzzword of the 2008 political season? Over the years, we've had Big Mo, and Boys On the Bus, and Zero Based Budgeting. Is this the year for betrayal?

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