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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Iowa Dems To Ohio's Kucinich: You Are No Longer Welcome

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Dennis Kucinich, who spent Labor Day weekend earlier this month in Syria while other presidential candidates campaigned at home in the USA, now finds himself being excluded from Democratic campaign events in Iowa. He's complaining, too. Kucinich says he's been barred from a steak fry and a televised forum on what he calls trumped up charges that his polls are too low to qualify.

Of course, they are low. Single-digit low. But Kucinich says he's at 3% -- which in his world makes him a serious candidate for the White House.

Thus, the OH-10 Cleveland congressman is whining that Iowa Democrats are discriminating against him, and contends others with lower poll numbers are being invited to participate. On the other hand, maybe the Dems in Iowa -- who hold the nation's first major presidential delegate selection event with their caucuses in January -- don't believe he's actually got any chance of winning the Democratic nomination. Maybe they are delivering a message: Dennis, you're not in Cleveland anymore.


  1. Now if only Cleveland Dems would do the same.

  2. Hi Joe C --

    He does have an opponent, and may have opponents for the OH-10 seat.

    It will be interesting see how he handles forums/debates for the seat he now holds. In the past, he has dissed them. But as a presidential candidate he complains when he can;t get on the stage. Kucinich just seems to be stranger and stranger . . .

  3. if we did the same, then he'd be something like homeless, right?