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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ohio Faith Healer Ernest Angley: Miracle Cures Through Computer Screens

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- With the passing of TV evangelist Rex Humbard at 88 on Friday, folks have been musing about the religious empire he built in Ohio before heading to Florida with a dream of creating a global ministry in the Caribbean and Latin America. Things faded for Rev. Humbard, but another Ohio TV evangelist, Ernest Angley, appears to be going strong. Angley is known as both a faith healer and preacher, and he's now apparently able to deliver miracles via home computer screens. It seems that heaven has gone high-tech and God uses Google, a development that is a long way from the days of tent revivals and itinerant preachers on the gospel circuit.

Angley's website says:

"You can have a miracle, you have have a healing today. Untold multitudes have been healed as they put their hand against mine on the screen."

There's a short prayer, too, which concludes: "That power went into your body; just watch all the improvements daily and get well."

Angley, whose ministry is based near Akron, is headed to Guyana and Surinam next month. His pitch is that the lame will walk, the deaf hear, the blind see "and death diseases are healed!." Angley's ministry says it has tapes of people who were cured of AIDs and HIV. Some of his upcoming travel schedule is here. Angley appears to be interested in the souls of South America, just as the late Rev. Rex Humbard had dreamed he could expand his flock.


  1. I believe that God loves humanity and hates the way humans as a whole have gone their own way and basically ruined the earth. But, God gives us free choice. I believe that it's because of His merciful love that He looks for anyway to touch people's lives for the better. If aprons were sent out from the body of the apostles Peter or Paul and people got healed (because of using faith in that point of contact) then I have no problem believing God can use the internet and a minister to pray for people and they actually receive a healing from God. Of course, if a person doubts that God would heal them, then how can God help them. It's according to our faith and God's loving mercy.

  2. Hello,
    I totally agree with David. If you think about it, Reverend Angley cannot touch each person personally because many people are too far away and all over the world. The internet, television and all electronic media is used for terrible evils, why wouldn't God use it for His good, which is winning many people for his kingdom all over the world. Reverend Angley says on his programs again and again, "I have no secret powers of my own..." He never claims to have power from himself, but heaps it all upon Jesus, who gives him power to heal sick people. The one apostle David mentioned, people would lay in the streets that even the shadow of him would cover them - that was their point of contact. It's faith. Reverend Angley has a book that's been out for many, many years called "Faith in God Heals the Sick." It's a book under $4.00 and is a life-changing book. I recommend it for those that are bantering and wondering about whether miracles are real. The Lord said there would be false prophets in the land in these last days, and they are everywhere, all over television, but they are liars and wolves in sheep's clothing, only in it for the almighty dollar, to see their heart's motives. Where there is false, there is also truth. God never confirms a lie. God confirms the truth in Ernest Angley Ministries with signs, wonders, miracles, and healings. I have received miracles for many ailments. God heals everything, why limit him? God loves people, but God wants people to be God-right and to live Holy. The bible says, without holiness, no man or woman shall ever see the face of God. God also said, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Jesus said to people when he was on earth and delivered them, "Go and sin no more." That's bible. I urge those that are curious, please come to several services and see for yourself, don't take someone's word for it. Especially come to a Friday night service and see all the wonderful things that happen, and then also see the healing line. Sit up close so you can see it all! If you don't see miracles, don't come back, is what Reverend Angley used to tell people years ago. Blessings,

  3. ok i dont know about anything else but it HAS happened to me.i have been touched by the holy spirit through this man who said lift up ur hands and place ur hand against mine on the screen.i didnt touch the screen i just lifted my hand kept it in the air (no i wasnt praying)(i wasnt sleeping or dreaming)i was wide was early afternoon in india.I experienced a supernatural power that shook my body physically and filled me with indescribable joy and peace .the physical shaking remained for a minute but the happiness and peace i felt remained much longer.i know there are many 'rational scentific minded' people out there who say these are fakes and tat the millions who come to watch and are healed are all im not a doctor.AND I DONT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK BUT IT HAPPENED TO ME.IT IS AS REAL AS ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD.THE HOLY SPIRIT IS REAL AND SO IS JESUS CHRIST.IF THERE IS ANYTHING BEYOND THIS WORLD THAT IS WHAT IS,im not anyone who is part of ernest angley ministries or any other ministry in the world.Im just a normal usual human being,no pyschiatric disturbances,a normal person who has a family and job.AND IT HAPPENED TO ME.I HAD A SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE.