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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ohio Soldier Is Real Superhero: He May Make The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Citizens for a Better Norwood has the scoop on Army Specialist Brandon Rork, a hometown soldier who just received a Bronze Star for combat heroism in Iraq. A Rolling Stone writer covered the ceremony in the desert for an upcoming story about the war. An account from the 10th Mountain Division about Rork's actions during a suicide bomber's attack on his position near the Euphrates River is here.

The Army says it found more high-grade military explosives in the unsuccessful attacker's truck than Timothy McVeigh made for his bomb, which destroyed the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City. Citizens for Better Norwood says the Ohio soldier "saved his Iraqi base, a nearby town and hundreds of lives . . . "

There are about 160,000 U.S. troops now serving in Iraq. The risks they face daily sometimes gets lost in debate over whether the war was a worthwhile strategic and foreign policy undertaking. Norwood is a small city, a one-time factory town near Cincinnati that has struggled to adapt in an economy where smokestacks have become forlorn symbols of lost jobs. But it can be proud of Brandon Rork, he saved a city in Iraq and may have put his own hometown back on the map, or at least in pages of the Rolling Stone.

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