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Monday, September 03, 2007

Ohio's Kucinich Promoted: Now A U.S. Senator Says Syria's Baath Party News Service

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- It's Sen. Kucinich. That's what the state-run news agency SANA is telling the Arab world after the Ohio congressman spent about two-hours in Damascus with strongman Bashar al-Assad, where the Syrians claim he took a moment to bash U.S. ally Israel.

The Syrian Arab News Agency report repeatedly elevates the Cleveland Democrat's title, a misnomer that makes Kucinich appear a more important international visitor than he really is. The state-run new service also reported that Kucinich's comments reflected poorly upon Israel.

"The US Senator expressed deep concern and pain over results of Israeli aggression on Lebanon which left destruction that hit houses, mosques and charches and led to killing on civilians, most them children and women."

For the record, Kucinich is a member of the U.S. House who represents the west side of Cleveland and a handful suburbs. He is running for president, but doesn't really have any chance of winning.

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