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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ohio's Xavier University: Ann Coulter's $20,000 Fee Eclipsed By Foes Fundraising

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Xavier University said today that opponents have already raised more money for progressive causes scorned by Ann Coulter than it cost the college Republican chapter to bring her to the school. Coulter is scheduled for a speaking engagement this week.

XU said Coulter's fee was $20,000, and pointed out that gay and feminist rights groups have raked a larger amount through a Web campaign called "Counter Coulter."

In effect, Coulter has become an effective fundraiser for the left. But she costs the right money to sponsor. Is that the law of diminished returns?

The school's official news site reported:

"Coulter, known for her particular brand of anti-liberal, often rancorous commentary, speaks at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday Sept. 6). At the same time, a 'Thank You Ann' rally organized by Equality Ohio and other progressive organizations, such as the National Organization for Women, is taking place on the campus green space. The rally is being billed not as a protest but as a celebration of other viewpoints, and the money raised, which now exceeds Coulter's $20,000 speaker's fee, will be given to humanitarian-focused student groups."

XU said Coulter's fee includes cash from the College Republicans, who collected donations, along with funds from the Young America's Foundation and the college's student government association.


  1. Well, duh! If you only need $20,000 and most people are getting in free, but the opposition wants as much as they can get, which apparently all came from leftist extremist groups outside the university, what else would you expect? Is there a point in here somewhere?

  2. Equality Ohio has to date raised $26,000 in response to Coulter's visit to Xavier's campus. The money will be donated to student clubs and organizations whose missions are consistent with the university's policy of diversity and social justice.

    Donations are still being accepted at

  3. HI Joe C.

    If Ann Coulter is raising money for her ideological foes -- the law of unintended consequences at work -- then she is a failure and a joke as an advocate for her conservative cause. It's time for the right to find someone who can deliver a message that doesn't sound like it has come from Moe posing as a politico in a Stooge's short.

  4. Hi Anon --

    A very savvy move to capitalize on Annie. Kudos.

    I see where she seems to be saying or implying in a Time Magazine story of late that she is a humorist, or something akin, rather than a thoughtful conservative philosopher.

  5. Ann: Please come to Portland, Oregon. We need more money and there's no one that does this better than You ;) Thx in advance Ann