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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blame It On Bengal Chad Johnson: Caucasian NFL Rosters Are Coming

CINCINNATI (TDB) --African-America sports columnist Jason Whitlock writes today that NFL teams will become increasingly stocked with white players in the years ahead. He says black athletes such as Cincinnati Bengal Chad Johnson are in thrall to hip-hop culture, which makes them buffoons and "football bojanglers" who don't contribute to a winning environment. He said owners won't shell out millions of dollars for players who put themselves ahead of their teams.

"African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip-hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry (Johnson), Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers.

"In terms of opportunity for American-born black athletes, they're going to leave the game in far worse shape than they found it."

Whitlock writes for the Kansas City Star and and says the Colts and Patriots, the NFL's two best teams, have a high ratio of white players. He predicts owners with an eye on their bottomlines have already noticed. He says Chad Johnson, in particular, runs a minstrel show on the football field instead of his routes.

"Race is not the determining factor when it comes to having a good or bad attitude. Culture is. Hip hop is the dominant culture for black youth. In general, music, especially hip hop music, is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. Rappers and rockers are not trying to fix problems. They create problems for attention. That philosophy, attitude and behaviour go against everything football coaches stand for. They're in a constant battle to quash rebellion, dissent and second opinions from their players."

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