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Monday, October 29, 2007

The North American Union: 7 Ohio House Republicans Claim It's For Real

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- A resolution has been filed in the Ohio House by seven GOP lawmakers who want the state on record urging Congress and President Bush to block unification of the United States with Canada and Mexico. The legislators contend an entity called the North American Union is quietly being created to supersede U.S. sovereignty. The NAU has been described as emerging from a government conspiracy that would "integrate" the continent into a single state without meaningful borders.

House Concurrent Resolution 31 specifically warns of a tri-national political and governmental entity. It is sponsored by State Rep. Jim McGregor, R-20, a former Gahanna mayor who also had a long career with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. McGregor has picked up six co-sponsors, and they all seem to share concerns of the John Birch Society and others on the far right that the United States is facing a grave threat. The resolution says the Security and Prosperity Partnership between the three North American neighbors is the stalking horse that will supersede sovereignty:

"Whereas, in meeting Security and Prosperity Partnership initiatives, the security and prosperity officials are examining opportunities to open the borders between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, gradually creating a de factor North American Union; and

"Whereas, the gradual creation of such a North American Union from a merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is a direct threat to the Constitution and national independence of the United States and implies an eventual end to national borders within North America . . ."

The John Birch Society is leading a campaign against the North American Union, a campaign that some have dismissed as akin to the so-called black helicopter theories rampant a few years ago. Another proponent is Jerome Corsi, who led the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 when they attacked Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry. Corsi sees the North American Union as something similar to the European Union, with the U.S. remaining as a country but with its courts and Congress under a continental parliament. The money in circulation wouldn't be dollars -- some think they would be known as "Ameros."

But if the 7 Ohio House Republicans have their way, this state will help stomp out the conspiracy and save the union.


  1. Sheesh, Bill! Now that people have finally convinced me that Ann Coulter doesn't want me dead, you have to go and tell me this. I am NEVER going to be able to sleep until their work is done. Sigh - I guess I should be thanking you, huh?


  2. Hi Jill --

    Well, eh. Can you speak Canadian? How do you feel about hockey? Since I live in southern Ohio I have bought season tickets for the bullfights.

    And one bit of good news: Rio Grande, Ohio won't have to change its name. That is where Bob Evans, yes, that Bob Evans, was from.

  3. Well - I hate being cold, but I dated a guy from Uruguay for a while - isn't that country supposed to be like Switzerland or something?