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Monday, October 22, 2007

Ohio Legislature's Black Caucus Leader: Tyrone Yates Will Be Blogging In Texas

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- State Rep. Tyrone Yates, D-33, has volunteered to become a contributing blogger on Texas Liberal, which originates in Houston. It is a site run by Neil Aquino, a former Ohioan and long-time chum of the Cincinnati Democrat who heads the Black Elected Democrats of Ohio. Houston is the political base of the Bush family, and the city's airport is named after the president's father, George H.W. Bush.

So far, there have been no posts from Yates, a lawyer and former councilman in Cincinnati. He did praise Aquino in a comment titled "Dear Citizens of the United States and our global readers." Yates noted he and the Houston blogger have fought political battles together since the 1990s.

"Neil is the smartest guy you might want to find and tough, too. If I ever had such a thing as an 'intellectual bloodbank,' it's Aquino."

Aquino, 40, ran for the Cincinnati school board in 1997 and finished 9th in a 12-person race. He said he entered the race as a reformer to fight corporate control over the public schools. He also said Cincinnati chose not to sue the state in the DeRolph lawsuit, which was a legal battle aimed a creating financial parity across Ohio between rich and poor districts.

"I believe Cincinnati was the only big city board not supporting the lawsuit. I was endorsed by the UAW and AFL-CIO. I was endorsed by a few other unions. but I can't remember which ones specifically. I was also endorsed by Stonewall Ciincinnati."

He adds:

"I was not endorsed by the Hamilton County Democratic Party. I was asked to interview but I said no. I felt the county party had done a lousy job in assisting the poor and average working people and, also, was a creature of corporate money and sleazy donors. Today, I suppose, I would likely do the interview."

Yates and the black Democrats are here. It will be interesting to read Yates' first post. Perhaps he'll lash the payday lenders. He's sponsoring legislation in Ohio to lower interest rates.


  1. Good! Maybe it will give Yates something to do. He sure has done nothing in the Ohio Legislature! He speaks of out of place quotes of long gone famous people. He has no substance. He is not even a good lawyer.

  2. Yates is a true gentleman and one of the admired and respected legislators in Columbus. I've heard him speak a few times and he always made a point of explaining the importance of citizen engagement in government and gave specific examples of what they can do.

    We can presume anon is simply venting partisan bitterness.