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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ohio Student Journalist Converted: Watches FOX News, Becomes Conservative

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- A staff writer at Cleveland State University's student newspaper, the Cleveland Stater, discloses she abandoned liberalism and became a political conservative after watching FOX News on cable television. Jennifer Spike said she is now a full-blown right winger and does not regret her conversion in the slightest. She finds that being conservative on a college campus can be tough because it is not the prevailing political ideology.

Spike says she sticks up for her new set of political principles, and that the term conservative is viewed with disgust among the vast majority of students. She makes no bones that FOX snared her with a barrage of broadcast reports that came with a political slant. She does not think the media -- right or left -- is interested in balanced stories.

"I always viewed conservatives as stiff, old, rich men stuck in their ways, who didn't care about problems facing the middle class. Then, one evening about a year ago, I happened to switch on the FOX News network, notoriously known for its conservative reputation. As I began to watch I realized something: Maybe these old stiffs really do make sense. I began to do more research, and since then my political views have taken a shift towards the right."

She adds:

"Now I would like to take an opportunity to debunk some common stereotypes when I reveal myself as a right-winger. I am not a product of a white collar family. I'm not a member of the NRA, and I'm not a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh, nor do I support all of the decisions of President Bush. I certainly don't consider myself an expert among political affairs. Actually, I admit I'm a newbie and that I have a lot to learn. But I now know the importance of challenging what professors, society and the media throw at me. Some of it is garbage and some of it is good stuff, but it is up to me to figure that out."

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