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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ohio's Crabby Fat Guy: A Crabby Fat Dunce?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio blogger Crabby Fat Guy is out with a post today crabbing that the media has covered up good news about a sharp decline in casualties among American forces in Iraq. And where does he get his information about the decline in casualties? From the media. Specifically, a news service called Reuters.

Reuters just happens to be one of the world's largest wire services. It distributes news to media clients around the world -- which makes it a tough place to participate in a conspiracy aimed at hiding information from the public. Indeed, inquiring minds might be wondering about crabby fat people who blog: Does obesity damage their ability to reason?

There is no cover up by the media. Here is a story among scores via A quick check of the 'net shows there are hundreds of reports published about the decline in troop deaths so far this month.

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