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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ohio's Ken Blackwell: Missing From The A-List Of U.S Conservatives

[Update: 6:30 pm EDT -- Here's the free poster that was up on the Young America's Foundation Web site that is now unavailable, probaby because the site was hacked by people who suggested it could be used as an excellent dartboard in dorm rooms. Notice that Blackwell is missing from the poohbahs and poohbabes of the right. He just wasn't worthy.]

[Update: 6:34 pm EDT -- The conservative blog Brain Shavings is following the story. It sure looks like someone who is not a Coulter fan did some rewriting of the promo material.]

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Since losing the race for governor last November, Republican Ken Blackwell has been toiling away with fellowships and grinding out columns pushing his conservative dogma. But he doesn't seem to be ranked among the movement's biggest stars and poster boys. Where's Kenny? Missing like Waldo.

The Young America's Foundation, which bills itself "as the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement," also has overlooked Ohio's former Secretary of State for a spot on its list of recommended speakers. The stable includes Jack Kemp -- Blackwell's political mentor -- who will show up on a college campus for a fee that starts at $20,000.

H/T to Adirondack Musing, a New York blog that found the "awesome" free poster on the 'net and wondered: Why does no one seem to be standing near Ann Coulter?

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