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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rasmussen Poll On Internet Journalism: Doubts About Political Bloggers

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A Rasmussen poll out today says Americans are positive about the overall impact of journalism on the Internet. But there are findings that could give pause to political bloggers. They get lower marks in the credibility department when measured against their old media competitors. But the survey also found a vein on good news for bloggers -- among younger Americans they have far more support than any other generation.

From the telephone survey of 800 voters Oct. 10 and 11:

"Not surprisingly, young adults are more enthusiastic about the impact of the new medium on journalism. Among those under 30, 66% say the Internet has been good for journalism. Among senior citizens, however, opinion is evenly divided: 36% say it's been good and 33% take the opposite view."


"However, while most see the overall impact of the Internet as positive, only 22% of all voters say that well known bloggers are as reliable as well known television and newspaper reporters. Forty-six percent say they're not as reliable while 32% are not sure.

"Once again, the generational differences are significant. A third (33%) of those under 30 believe bloggers are as reliable, but that view is shared by only 12% of senior citizens. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of men find the bloggers as reliable along with 18% of women."

Bottom line: The blogs are continuing to make inroads among the key demographic, the audience that eventually will replace the aging Americans who now feel most comfortable with newspapers and TV as primary news sources. Rasmussen's survey is surprising, in a way, because it found that the blogs have become major players and rivals of the traditional media in a very short time.


  1. Bummer that I didn't have those numbers for my Bliss presentation! ;)

  2. Hi Jill --

    Would have been a nice addition. You know, Jill, the blogs have done a better job with OH-05 than the press. TV is not even much of a player in that race. Has anybody caught onto the yet, the impact of the blogs from the get go with the anonymous post on Jeff Coryell's site? In OH-02 Hackett and OH-05 Latta/Buehrer, the blogs have been the show. . .