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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tax Foundation's 2008 Tax Climate List Out Today: Ohio Ranks No. 46

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- At No. 46, Ohio is in the Bottom Ten, meaning the Tax Foundation ranks the state's business climate among the worst in the nation. All the latest data is here from the report issued today. But there is a bright spot. Last year, Ohio was No. 49, the year before that No. 47, and in 2004 No. 48. So its rankings have improved.

The states with the best rankings:

1. Wyoming
2. South Dakota
3. Nevada
4. Alaska
5. Florida
6. Montana
7. New Hampshire
8. Texas
9. Delaware
10. Oregon

The worst:

41. Maine
42. Minnesota
43. Nebraska
44. Vermont
45. Iowa
46. Ohio
47. California
48. New York
49. New Jersey
50. Rhode Island

According to the Tax Foundation, its index provides a road map state lawmakers can use to measure the competitiveness of their state tax systems.

"The Index ranks states based on the taxes that matter most to businesses and business investment: corporate tax, individual income tax, sales tax, unemployment tax and property tax. The states are scored on these taxes, and the scores are weighted based on the relative importance or impact of the tax to a business."

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