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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

U.S. House Democrats Target Ohio's Chabot: Voted Against Kids Health Care

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Radio spots during drive-time weather and traffic reports are being used this week by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to hammer Cincinnati Republican Steve Chabot. The ads started airing Monday afternoon and will continue for a week. Chabot, who represents Ohio's 1st Congressional District, voted against CHIP, a federally subsidized health care program for children. And it is all about putting pressure on Chabot to change his vote.

The ad says:

"Did you know Congressman Chabot gets health care at Taxpayers' expense, but Chabot and Bush are blocking health care for 10 million uninsured children. Tell Steve Chabot to put families first."

DCCC chief Chris Van Hollen said the campaign is also using robo calls and e-mail in addition to radio. The full-text of the DCCC's statement describing its CHIP efforts is available here. Van Hollen said:

"We're going district by district to tell Republicans and President Bush to stop obstructing progress and start putting children first. Republicans who continue to vote in lockstep with President Bush and against children will be held accountable."


  1. Doesn't the fact that none of this is true bother you? Even Ms. Rodham admits that it is no more than an incremental grab for the brass ring - government run health care (i.e. universal dependency).

    Chabot, those that voted against this, and GWB's veto pen just saved the taxpayers billions of dollars by not covering people that already have insurance, are eligible for Medicaid but don't take it, or don't want insurance for whatever reason. Also, the $35 billion price tag is only over 5 years, after 2013, the funding is cut by half! What are the odds that THAT is going to happen.

    The alternate plan would have been a more modest (but still exhorbitant) increase that made sure the poor get coverage before these other groups got a shot at the trough. That sounds like the fiscal responsibility that everyone said they wanted - or was that a lie, too?

    Once again, you show an amazing inability to think critically, and just accept anything the leftists tell you to think/say.

  2. Hi Joe C. --

    Yes, I can think critically.

    I am thinking critically right now about President Bush and his veto threat. Quite critically indeed.