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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Domestic Violence In Cincinnati: Guns Kill Most Victims

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- There were 48 people whose lives were ended by domestic violence in Hamilton County between 1997-2006. The vast majority of the victims were female, 45, and the weapon most frequently used was a gun, although some were strangled, beaten or knifed. University of Cincinnati researchers combed through the crime reports to compile the grim details and look for patterns.

In more than three-fourths of the domestic violence deaths, a couple had separated shortly before the murder, which was cited as the biggest risk factor of all. Fewer than half the deaths involved the slaying of a spouse. Stalking was a sign of danger, as was a prior criminal record, and 27% of the perpetrators were on parole or probation. Sadly, it was not infrequent for children to be present when the violence turned deadly.


  1. "Guns Kill Most Victims" ...People kill victims.

  2. Hi Anon --

    I'm not sure you are correct about that. The cause of death is often trauma by gunshot, or something like that. I believe you are saying that a human who pulls the trigger bears the ultimate legal responsibility. That would be correct. But the gun or the rope or the knife or the sword or the baseball bat or the car that runs over the victim would be the weapon used to inflict the fatal injury.

  3. Therefore, it follows, take away the guns and there will be just as many domestic homicides. What is your point?

  4. Hi Anon 5:04

    "Therefore, it follows, . . ."

    Why does it follow that there will be just as many homicides if the guns are taken away? There might be more, there might be less, there might be just as many. You have absolutely no way of knowing. There is some evidence, as you know, that guns are deadlier when it comes to inflicting an injury. That is why they replaced longbows and clubs and etc. They are a more efficient and effective way to kill game, enemy soldiers . . .