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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mean Jean And Her Schmidt-Kickers: Heimlich Will Spin The Sour Notes

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Republican congressional candidate Phil Heimlich has been busy in the studio putting together a campaign album that he calls Jean Schmidt's Greatest Hits. The platter will come out the same week that tables are loaded with Thanksgiving turkeys. No coincidence there. Check out the album cover, and a list of some of the tunes coming our way. It is the start of his long and winding road to the March 2008 primary.

Heimlich, a former Hamilton County Commissioner and Cincinnati City Council member, wants to get back into political office. He is challenging U.S. Rep. Schmidt in a contest for the GOP nomination in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. Some Republicans have spread rumors he plans to drop out of the contest. But the upcoming attack on Schmidt seems to belie those rumors as coming from a bunch of day trippers. Heimlich says he's got an "amazing Internet offer" that won't be available in any stores.

"Over the next several weeks we'll be unveiling Jean Schmidt's Greatest Hits. a compilation of outrageous statements, misleading rhetoric, backpedaling positions, and is some cases outright falsehoods. The accomplishments have earned Jean notoriety, not just locally but all across the nation. From labeling people cowards to eating crow, Jean Schmidt has squeezed so many embarrassing moments into such a short amount of time, it's hard to imagine what she could accomplish in yet another term in Congress."

Heimlich's spin, of course, is that Schmidt is an inept and boorish political figure, an impetuous diva, who is out of tune with her district, which covers seven counties in southern Ohio.


  1. Plain and simple, Jean Schmidt is an embarrassment to the 2nd District.

    It's time to restore pride to the 2nd District, and Heimlich's the man to do it.

  2. Hi Anon --

    Why is Heimlich the man to do it?
    Are there reasons -- and I'd like to hear you explain what they are -- that make him more qualified than Schmidt. She has defeated all comers, right and left, Dem and R.

    She doesn't win by large margins, but she has gotten the job done at election time. Why will this year be different?

    I would love to know what makes you think she is beatable in 2008's Republican primary. Why is Heimlich a stronger candidate against her than Bob McEwen was in 2006? McEwen would not attack, and was polite, perhaps too polite. Is that the difference?

  3. How about some of Phil Heimlich\\\'s greatest hits?

    Nowhere Man
    Fortunate Son
    I\\\'m a Loser
    Liar Liar

    Any more suggestions out there?

  4. Hi Anon 8 p.m. --

    Maybe there is a duet they could perform.

  5. Phil Heimlich is going to drop out.

    The handwriting is on the wall, he's just not getting any traction. Two years ago, he could have walked into the seat.

    What happened? Let's see...he entered the Governor's race as Petro's Lt. Gov. candidate, and what happened?

    He dropped out. Because he wasn't getting any traction.

    Heimlich has been booed and hissed at just about every event out there. He's just not that likeable.

    And I'm no fan of Jean Schmidt.

    I'd MUCH rather have Heimlich than Schmidt, but there are others who could do a better job than either of them.

    Tom Brinkman, Doug White, Tom Niehaus, you name it.

    My hope is that WHEN Heimlich drops out, someone else drops in...

  6. This is the last, desperate act of a desperate candidate trying to get traction.

    Scioto endorsed Schmidt...

    They didn't endorse her last year against McEwen...

    Heimlich is going nowhere fast.

  7. Hi Anon 1:09 AM, Hi Brown Countian:

    I will follow up on Scioto County. That is sort of floating around out there -- that she has been endorsed. If there are any details, anythng firm, could somebody comment about that, or supply a link, a contact, or send an e-mail to The Bellwether. That is a positive development for Schmidt and needs to be reported.

    As for other candidates, there has been a rumor Heimlich going that Heimlick might drop out to run for Hamco Commis against Dem Todd Portune. So far, rumor only.

    Term-limited Tom Brinkman has made noise about having interest in OH-02, and would no doubt be able to get lots of support from the Club for Growth, which would make him an instant player and perhaps the frontrunner. Tom Niehaus, the current state senator from the area, is a great campaigner, a great public official, and respected by D's and R's alike. The Ohio Environmental Council just gave him an award. I have not heard that he is interested at all in going to Congress.

  8. What about the Lindner factor? It's hard to imagine the GOP going in a different direction than Lindner. It certainly hasn't been the history.

    Lindner has backed Schmidt in the past (the family gave over $30k last election) and I believe he's backing Heimlich for OH-2 now.

  9. >Maybe there is a duet they could perform.

    How 'bout "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"?

  10. Hi Anon 1:32 p.m. --

    Not a bad title, but I don't know the words, or the genre. Country? Pop?

  11. Ah, Bill, I'll bet you do know the song, but just need a nudge. Hey, look over there, it's Fred & Ginger on roller skates:

    "You say eether and I say eyether,
    You say neether and I say nyther;
    Eether, eyether, neether, nyther,
    Let's call the whole thing off!
    You like potato and I like potahto,
    You like tomato and I like tomahto;
    Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!
    Let's call the whole thing off!"

    Here's the whole wonderful thing:

    One thing over which Schmidt and Heimlich can battle it out - which is drearier?

    Along those lines, here's a question back to you, Bill. When was the last time you heard a pol utter anything truly witty?

  12. Hi Anon 8:08 --

    I have heard the song. Intentionally witty, like a joke? Hmmmm . . . not for a long time, at least nothing that I recall at the moment. Must be something, but I've been raking leaves, so my mind is on that.

    As for tomato, tomahto. I'm from Tennessee. They called 'em 'maters down there.