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Monday, November 26, 2007

OH-02 Republican Phil Heimlich On Iran: Let's Get Ready To Rumble

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- President Bush spoke last month of the need for a global effort to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons and launching a conflaguration could quickly become World War III. Republican Phil Heimlich, who is seeking his party's nomination in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, apparently thinks the U.S. should be getting ready for a future rumble with Iran that could include mushroom clouds. He contends everything, up to and including America's nuclear arsenal, should be on the table for a military showdown. Unlike the president, Heimlich doesn't mention World War III; he says the U.S. should "take whatever steps may be necessary" to end all threats from Iran if diplomacy fails.

In diplomatic-speak, the phrase "whatever steps may be necessary" is often translated as meaning armed conflict, or we'll go to war if you don't stop your aggressive behavior. Heimlich is running against U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt in the March 2008 GOP primary.

At the moment, Iran does not have any nuclear weapons. But it appears to be developing them. Bush caused a worldwide stir in mid-October when he remarked during a White House news conference that a nuclear-armed Iran might attempt an attack on Israel. Said the president:

"We've got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel. So I've told people that if you are interested in avoiding World War III, it seems you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

Heimlich said he would be a staunch defender of Israel if elected to Congress, and made the comment about Iran near the end of an issues piece that is now posted on his campaign Web site. He said:

"The United States must join with Israel and the international community in achieving economic and diplomatic sanctions to stop Iran from further developing its nuclear weapons program. Most experts agree that Iran has the technology, and certainly the will, to develop a nuclear weapons capability. Iran exhibits an increasingly hostile attitude toward the U.S., Israel, and the West in general. In Congress, I will be a consistent and firm voice for the policy that the U.S. must continue to lead international pressure to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threat, and take whatever steps may be necessary to protect the region and the world from Iran’s aggressive and hostile actions.


  1. I question whether Mr. Heimlich would be able to locate Iraq or Iran on a map. Further, I doubt if Mr. Heimlich can locate his own rear end with two hands.

    Mr. Heimlich has been out of work since the last election, when he was ousted by David Pepper. Despite being an attorney and a former prosecutor, he has failed to find work. Apparently, none of his former associates will hire him. Heimlich himself has admitted that he is out of work and needs a job.

    In other words, this guy who can't even get hired anywhere wants to make national nuclear policy. Wonderful.

  2. Has Heimlich ever served in the military?

  3. Has Heimlich ever served in the military?

    LOL! Military service would require self sacrifice and some guts. Like Dick Cheney who had "other priorities" during Vietnam, Heimlich was busy at Choate, then Stanford, then UVA Law School. Then came the lost years. From Heimlich's website:

    Phil graduated with distinction from Stanford University in 1975 and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1979. Phil served as Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor from 1984-1993.

    What happened to 1980-1983? That's when he ran a real estate business into the ground after being bankrolled by his rich daddy.

    Back then his primary acomplishments were the wild pool parties he hosted at his Paxton Rd. house. Then his best friend went to federal prison for five years in a massive narcotics case. That's when Heimlich says he found the Lord - at a Bob's Big Boy. He's told the Big Boy story repeatedly as part of his spiel.

  4. Seems Heimlich wants to do what is nessecary with Iran...I can go for that.

    Of course, Heimlich's opponents are resorting to smears by saying he "couldn't find Iran on a map." Classy.

  5. Then his best friend went to federal prison for five years in a massive narcotics case.

    Bill - Do you know any more about this?

  6. Hi Anon 11:40 AM --

    I don't recollect anything about a friend of Phil Heimlich's being involved in drug dealing. Drawing a complete blank on that. Did I cover a story way back when, or write something years ago that you can recall? I've tried to jar my memory some this afternoon, but nothing comes to mind about a Heimlich pal and the feds. Maybe somebody knows more . . .