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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ohio Dem Blogger David Potts Wonders: Is Hillary A FEMA Copycat?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- From his perch overlooking the river on the other side of the state, David Potts at Ohio Valley Politics has noticed the Clinton campaign tried to plant questions with attendees at the New York senator's town hall events. He recognizes the practice as low on the ethics scale, and senses a warning sign that sleazeclouds could be gathering in the wind. It reminds him of FEMA's fake news conference.

Potts appears to be the first Democratic blogger in Ohio to suggest out loud that popular Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's endorsement of Clinton's presidential campaign could cost the governor some political support in his own state. Potts clearly seems uncomfortable with Clinton (I don't know who he favors in the Dem field).

"I've never had any problem with Governor (and my former Congressman) Strickland, but if he's going to endorse someone that does stuff like this I'm really going to have to rethink my position on him."


  1. I haven't really decided who I support for president yet. It's too early to narrow it down to just one. I won't even rule out Hillary, but it's not likely she'll get my support in the primary. She just seems like she's trying to play both sides of most issues.

    As for Strickland, I'll continue to support him. He was a great Congressman and (at least I think) so far a good governor. One bad decision doesn't cancel all of that out. I just meant that this is going to be a blemish on his record for me.

  2. Hi David --

    First, your new page is awesome.

    Second, I'm sure we are going to hear more in the weeks and days ahead about HRC's campaign using tactics that raise both eyebrows and hair on the back of necks. I wonder if someone will show up with a picture of her raising money in a Buddhist monastery?

    Third, Gov. Strickland shouldn't be found guilty by association.

  3. Thanks. The header picture was actually part of my post for your positivity challenge earlier this year.

    To be fair to Hillary, she's probably not the only one doing stuff like this. It's more likely that she's just the one that got caught.