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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ohio's Lawrence County: Electronic Voting Machine Reported Wrong Result

IRONTON, Ohio (TDB) -- County officials have called in programmers from Omaha and Columbus to figure out why a voting machine flipped results in a township trustee race. The error at the polling place showed the winner had lost his race. The Ironton Tribune interviewed Lawrence County's deputy election director, Eric Bradshaw, who said "that race got recorded exactly opposite." Officials suspect a programming mistake is to blame.

Bradshaw said the board of elections hand counted results in other races to recheck the machine tallies. He said officials were satisfied the counts were accurate.

This news from Lawrence County, coupled with machine malfunctions in the OH-05 congressional primary in Putnam County and lengthy election night delays in counting ballots in Hamilton County, is generating nervousness about the 2008 presidential election. A major foul-up would shake confidence and trust in the reliability of election results in Ohio, confidence and trust that suffered a blow in 2004.

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