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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Police Mugshots Of President Bush And Top Aides: Fake Photo-Array Now Posted In NYC's Public Library

The New York Daily News says the pictures look like something that should be hanging on the wall in a post office. They are photos that have been reconstituted as police mugshots in an exhibited now on display at the New York Public Library's main branch in Manhattan.

The tabloid's story says the exhibit is the work of two artists, Nora Ligorno and Marshall Reese, and the pix include dates when the president and his sidekicks made "incriminating" remarks about Iraq. The News story is here.

The mugs include all the usual suspects, including Karl Rove. Some people took the pictures in stride or laughed, others seemed steamed. Matthew Walter, spokesman for the New York Republican Party, called the display wrong for a public library.

"It is simply inappropriate to have political attack art, in the form of egregious doctored photographs of the President and other high-ranking officials who have dedicated their lives to public service, in a taxpayer-funded building frequented by children and the general public."


  1. Attack art is OK when it's halloween or is it OK when it's the doberman gang ???. It's art!

  2. All i want to know is, when do we see mug shots of Bill Clinton, Hillary Sanfy Bergler. After all, if anyone should be imprisoned it's these clowns? No offense, after all, art is art right MichaeL?

  3. Hi Johnny --

    Those would be pretty fun to see, too. I have seen Hillary in a witch mock up. All that political art is what it is -- satire and nothing more. That is what makes this such a great country. No lashes for naming your teddy bear, or mocking the President.