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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cincinnati Store Has A 'Festivus' Sale: Just 8 More Shopping Days To Go

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Premier Pianos has an ad in today's Cincinnati Enquirer (page A-9) for a "Festivus Piano Sale!" with all in-stock instruments marked down for "this very special event!" This could be a sign that Festivus -- which was born on Dec. 18, 1997 in an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's TV sitcom -- is becoming commercialized. Or maybe not. It might be a typo in the newspaper because Premier Piano's Web site at the moment is calling it a "Festival" sale. Or maybe the Web site is wrong -- a spellcheck device could have mistakenly corrected Festivus to Festival.

[UPDATE: 12:29 pm -- The Festivus sale ad is on page 5A of today's Cincinnati Post, which indicates it probably is the real thing.]

Festivus takes place Dec. 23, and anything you want to know about it is in this 3-minute video clip. Festivus is celebrated with lusterless aluminum poles in place of trees. Presents should be items you don't want and neither does the person who receives the gift -- chap sticks forgotten in pockets from last winter are said to make wonderful Festivus presents. Wagner Cos. in Milwaukee is selling Festivus poles. And the photo of the world's first Festivus pole lot is courtesy of its online portal.

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