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Friday, December 28, 2007

'Cooter' Campaigns For John Edwards: He Also Sells Rebel Flags

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ben Jones, the former Georgia congressman who played "Cooter" on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show, has a key role in a DVD John Edwards' presidential campaign is distributing across Iowa. The video plays up Edwards' small town roots. It doesn't highlight Jones' affinity for the Confederate flag.

The Edwards backer's Web site is big on redneck culture, and sells the flags and flag-bedecked goodies by urging folks to "display your southern heritage with pride." Others see displaying such symbols of southern heritage as less to do with heritage, and more to do with racism and slavery and white supremacy. Confederate flags can -- and do --stand for the days of segregation.

Jones served two terms in the House from a Georgia district. He's a Democrat and now lives in Virginia. He's an entrepreneur and entertainer who played a mechanic on the Duke's TV show. Iowa political blogger Dien Judge was put off by Edwards' rural DVD, which he described as "about as hokey as a possum wearin' bib overalls." Judge did not pick up on the rebel flag issue.

The Daily Bellwether thinks Edwards needs to distance himself from Jones right away. He should not consort with someone who sells Confederate-themed merchandise, including flags, mugs, afghans, aprons, playing cards and "a hand-held rebel flag that measures 12x7[inches], great for parades, picnics, and other family events." What kind of parade? A KKK march?

Iowa blogger Judge says Edwards' rural strategist Dave "Mudcat'' Saunders has been in touch and explains the DVD is meant to show that Edwards' is passionate bout rural issues. "And the intention of if was that we wanted to show John's roots. We wanted to show where he came from, because an acorn don't fall far from a tree."

No problem with that. Just get rid of the guy who sells Confederate memorabilia.

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