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Monday, December 03, 2007

OH-05: NRCC Attacks Weirauch As Ally of Kucinich And Michael Moore

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- The National Republican Congressional Committee rips OH-05 Democratic candidate Robin Weirauch as an extreme liberal who "supports taxpayer-funded, government-run healthcare for illegal immigrants." The proof offered is a May 2006 press release issued by the theater and stage employees union, IATSE.

According to the NRCC -- the fundraising and electioneering arm of House Republicans -- Weirauch endorsed H.R. 676 in 2006 while the measure was pending in a previous Congress. The bill did not go anywhere and died in the GOP controlled House under former Speaker Dennis Hastert. Cleveland Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Toledo's Marcy Kaptur were cosponsors. The bill was a proposal to guarantee health care coverage to every America. Another version of the bill has been introduced this year and it has been endorsed Michael Moore, the movie director, author and political activist. The GOP says it is evidence that Weirauch holds "far-left positions."

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