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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ohioan's Deed Not Transferred After Foreclosure: Now She Faces Building Code Prosecution

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Demetria Scriber-Hinkston is facing criminal prosecution for building code violations because the deed on a house she lost in foreclosure proceedings has never been transferred. Her lawyer contends a Florida mortgage company "failed and refused to record the deed to 6129 Cary, in part to avoid responsibility to maintain the property."

Greg Korte has the story in today's Cincinnati Enquirer. Scriber-Hinkston's difficulties highlight an extremely disturbing side issue of the foreclosure crisis. Mortgage companies, banks and other financial institutions reportedly are sitting on deeds rather than promptly filing them at the courthouse. They seem to be holding back the legal paperwork in order to avoid paying property taxes and maintaining foreclosed properties. Meanwhile, Ohioans who lost their home to foreclosure continue to show up on the records as still responsible for the property.

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