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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ohio's Bizzyblog: Bob Latta Backed Tax Increases 'Hurt The State Of Ohio'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer is in full attack mode against Democrat Robin Weirauch, whom he paints as an untrustworthy liberal in a lengthy series of posts on the eve of Dec. 11's OH-05 congressional special election. But it looks a lot like smoke and mirrors. Just 20 months ago, Bizzyblog denounced the tax increases supported by State Rep. Bob Latta, Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt and other Ohio Republicans as actions that "so hurt the state of Ohio and its economy."

Weirauch's campaign against Latta has largely been based upon the idea that Ohio's economy is down and needs to be pushed forward by jobs and growth. Bizzyblog seems to be supporting Latta, who approved the tax policies that Bizzyblog says cost Ohio jobs and growth. Again, Bizzyblog says the Taft-era tax policies -- which Latta supported -- hurt the state's economy.

In fact, in April 2006 Bizzyblog said U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, a Republican who holds the OH-02 House seat in southern Ohio, had been receiving warranted and relentless criticism for supporting Bob Taft-era tax increases while serving in the state legislature. Latta, of course, voted the same way Schmidt voted. Here's a pertinent excerpt from Bizzyblog:

"Jean Schmidt has been relentlessly criticized, and with more than a little justification, for supporting the Taft-era tax increases that have so hurt the State of Ohio and its economy during her time as a state representative."

Please note what Bizzyblog reported: "the Taft-era tax increases that have so hurt the State of Ohio and its economy. . ."

The complete text is available by poring through this Bizzyblog item. It is difficult to comprehend why Bizzyblog would defend Latta, who cast votes for Taft-era tax increases that he believes have damaged the state and harmed its economy.


  1. As if we had to be reminded that Jean Schmidt supported the Taft tax increases...why did people vote to put somebody who lacks a backbone into Congress?

  2. Geez Bill, I feel bad that you worked so hard poring through my stuff to find so little. :-->

    Of course, my criticisms of Weirauch must mean I'm a big Latta fan, just as my criticisms of Romney mean I'm a big fan of Huckabee (/sarcasm).

    I didn't "defend" Latta, except to say that he actually takes some issue positions ("he’s saying the right things, and appears to have the career voting record to back it up."). I can't go past "appears" due to lack of time.

    And I'm supposed to believe that Weirauch, running for the party of tax-spend, wouldn't have supported the same, or worse?

    Besides, you consciously decided to ignore the central point of the post you linked (and you know this, because you read it), which is that Schmidt has improved since getting away from the ineffective GOP environment in Columbus. I would hope that Bob Latta might do the same.

    Robin Weirauch, OTOH, would be a big fan of the Dems' version of AMT -- All Manner of Taxes.

    Your failure to contextualize is a big disappointment.

    Like I said, Bill, what a waste of effort.

  3. Hi Tom --

    I think that you made a case for Latta. However, I was surprised by your unrequited support because you don't like taxes. Latta has a record on that topic -- he voted to raise them in Ohio. You don't like taxes because they hamper growth and economic development etc; I don't like taxes for the same reasons. You let your partisan feelings for Latta trump what I have believed to be your core economic philosophy.

    As for Weirauch, who knows? She represents change. It is desperately needed right now in Washington -- along with people who are in touch with their home state values. I happen to feel that Ohio has suffered because of national economic policies that have worked against the interests of states where things are manufactured -- places with what used to be called the value-added economy. I think we have had value subtraction for too long. I will say, and I have said before, that OH-05 is fortunate to have such good people running -- Weirauch on the Dem side and Latta on the Republican side. I think both are honest and sincere. I lean toward Weirauch because I think change is needed in Washington.

    That said, Tom, I agree with you on Schmidt. She has become less a taxer.

    As for Weirauch -- you don't know what she'll do if by some miracle she's elected today. She has no record. You can only surmise. As for Latta, you know he voted to raise taxes. Indeed, we pay them every day in Ohio.

  4. Tax-and-spend Democrats? Last time I looked the Dems in Congress were insiting on pay/go for new spending and the Republicans were saying just "put it on our tab" See the current debate about how to pay for this year's Alternative Minimum Tax fix, for an example.