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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Former Ohio GOP Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines: He's Rappin' For Obama On YouTUBE

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Apparently, retired Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines -- a well-known figure in SW Ohio political and legal circles -- has deserted the Republican Party. He popped up on YouTUBE today in Obama Drama, a rap video without music that was shot in his downtown Cincinnati law office. Short version: It disses the Clintons.

Gaines, who left the bench to become a preacher, returned to the practice of law in 2003 and has described some pretty interesting ups and downs in his life. On YouTUBE, he wears his trademark derby hat and urges Americans to get behind Obama. When I talked to him this p.m., he said he had booked time in a recording studio and planned to put his rap to music after polishing up the lyrics a bit. The former judge said he's billing himself as the "Godfather of Justice." Here are a few excerpts:

"America is ready for a fresh new change
Obama is his name

Now I like Hill and I like Bill
But Hill ain't Bill and Bill ain't Hill

Race should have no place in a 2008 Race
It ought to be won on skill

I don't think it's fair for Obama to run against a pair
They double teamed Obama by stooping to the race drama

Bill Clinton was a cool President
Some say he was a brother, cause he blew the saxophone,
knew how to dance
And even thought he was a lover"

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