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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John Edwards In Nevada: Reno Gazette Poll Shows 'Meteoric Rise'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- John Edwards seems to have made up a lot of ground in Nevada, where a Reno Journal-Gazette poll of 500 likely Democratic caucus voters shows he's barely trailing second-place Hillary Clinton. The poll was taken last weekend -- after the New Hampshire primary -- and the Nevada newspaper's political writer Anjeanette Damon says it represents a "meteoric rise" for Edwards since November. (The link will take you to a site where you can find the complete poll.)

Obama now gets 32%, Clinton 30% and Edwards 27%. The results show Obama overtaking Clinton. Damon, who has covered Nevada politics and state government for nearly a decade, thinks the shift means something is brewing.

"There is not too much to explain John Edwards meteoric rise in the poll (to 27 percent from 12 percent in November). I hear that other internal polls done in the state have a close Clinton-Obama race, with Edwards lagging a bit more than our poll found. But it's picking up on something."

She added: "A big percentage of voters can change their minds before Saturday. Nine percent are undecided and 12 percent can change their minds."

Could it be that Edwards emphasis of economic issues has found traction in Nevada, a state that leads the nation in foreclosures?

On the GOP side, it was John McCain, 22%; Rudy Giuliani 18%; Mike Huckabee 16%; Mitt Romney 15%, and Fred Thompson 11%. The poll was taken before Romney's win in Michigan.

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