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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OH-02 Dem Primary: 'Wulsin Girl' Was A Paid Wulsin Staffer

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Wulsin Girl video that is making a splash in the Ohiosphere has raised a question. Should there have been a disclaimer somewhere in the reporting about singer Ann Driscoll's ties to candidate Victoria Wulsin, who is running for the OH-02 Democratic nomination? Driscoll's performance has popped up everywhere from The Plain Dealer's OPENERS political blog to The Cincinnati Enquirer's POLITICS EXTRA. Nowhere do the reporters seem to make clear she once was a paid staffer for Wulsin -- perhaps they were burned by some exquisite viral marketing by that camp.

Back in June 2006, Driscoll posted on the pre-Jerid version of BuckeyeStateBlog over the need for transparency and disclosure in politics. She wrote about a joint appearance by Ted Strickland and Wulsin, who was the Dem party's nominee against U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt. Driscoll said Strickland had enthusiastically endorsed Wulsin that year, and added:

"Full Disclosure: I am currently a paid staffer for Dr. Victoria Wulsin. I first got my start in blogging as an early supporter of her candidacy in the special election primary last summer, which Paul Hackett ultimately won. In light of the recent discussion regarding the dubious ethics of some of the biggest liberal bloggers in the nation, I think it is especially important to emphasize disclosure and transparency."

[UPDATE: 7:45 AM -- Jean Schmidt has seen the video and praises Driscoll. She told WKRC-TV, Channel 12: Ms. Driscoll is obviously a talented young woman. I liked the tune but have some issues with the lyrics. It's cute, she did a great job." The TV news report mentioned that Driscoll had worked for Wulsin previously, but called her "a past volunteer in the office." That seems to imply Driscoll was not a paid staffer.]


  1. '
    YAWN !

    Disclosure would be appropriate if she was paid for the video !

    Is that what you are insinuating ?

    If so, disclosure is mandated by law !

    Are you saying the campaign has broken some law ?


  2. The bigger issue for me is why Vic Wulsin is wasting her time on drivel like this instead of engaging in a serious debate of the issues. Vic's attempts to sidestep serious engangement on the issues is PURE HYPOCRISY after she gave Schmidt such a hard time about the same thing in the last general election. When are Democrats going to get serious about winning in this district? Do we really think these lightweight YouTube videos are going to cut it against Jean Schmidt?

  3. .
    "...Do we really think these lightweight YouTube videos are going to cut it against Jean Schmidt? January 23, 2008 6:22 PM"

    Yawn !

    Let's see, Vic has gotten extensive free publicity because of the efforts of a volunteer !

    Looks like a winning strategy to us !

  4. CountyworkerLisaJanuary 24, 2008 5:08 AM

    The video was paid for by the Wulsin campaign and featured a paid Wulsin staffer. Part of the video was filmed inside the Wulsin estate home. Nothing spontaneous about it. What a shame that two millionaire twits--Wulsin and Jean Schmidt--are vying to represent the people of the Second District. At least Schmidt never injected AIDs patients with the tuberculosis bacteria in a Kafkaesque experiment, an experiment which Wulsin's employer undertook and which Wulsin had full knowledge of, regardless of her made-up report about it.

  5. Lisa --

    Josh Levin, who is Wulsin's campaign manager, sent me an e-mail Jan. 23 that said Ann Driscoll made the video on her own:

    "Ann was a volunteer and paid staffer in '06 for the campaign, but is currently in school and did the video purely on her own time. We knew she was working on it, but none of our staff had any input into the content."

    I think that means the Wulsin campaign did not pay Ann Driscoll. If they did, we'll find out when the FEC reports become public. I can't imagine that Josh Levin would misrepresent the campaign's role. What would he gain?

  6. I guess Ann Driscoll just sneaked into the Wulsin home to make that video in front of the Wulsin fireplace on her own. Who's being naive here?

  7. Lisa --

    The Driscoll/Wulsin connection was pointed out here in the post that began this thread. Now you know what the campaign says. You don't believe the Wulsin campaign. Because you don't believe them, I'm naive?

    Perhaps, you read, "I think that means the Wulsin campaign did not pay Ann Driscoll" to mean the Wulsin campaign DID NOT pay Ann Driscoll. I intended to communicate that Josh Levin's statement SAID the Wulsin campaign did not pay Ann Driscoll.

    I wonder whose camera equipment was used to shoot the video?

  8. .
    "...I wonder whose camera equipment was used to shoot the video? January 24, 2008 1:03 PM"

    Lisa is merely repeating rhetoric and doesn't even remain consistent with that !

    Hello, TB injections ?

    Wulsins home ?

    Is this Lisa the 'black mole" ?

    Why were you hypocRites not as inquisitive about our county tax-dollars ?

    Political bias ?

    Looking for a job with the wRong wingnut whacko press ?


    HAD ENOUGH, VOTE, for a real, DEMOCRAT 2008 !


  9. Michael Dalton...

    I like to get to the real issues here-

    Why is Wulsin wasting her time on fluff like this YouTube video instead of serious campaiging?

    Do you really think Wulsin can beat Schmidt in the general election?

    After having one of her campaign staffers run around Schmidts headquarters in a chicken suit in the last election, why is she now refusing to a formal debate?

    I am tired of losing elections to Republicans because of candidates who don't know how to run smart campaigns (Wulsin and Kerry being prime examples).