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Monday, January 07, 2008

UPDATED OH-02 Dem Steve Black: Asks Wulsin For Debates; Topics Include Economy, Nat'l Security

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Steve Black wants at least seven debates held across Ohio's 2nd Congressional District with Vic Wulsin ahead of the March Democratic nominating primary.

[UPDATE 1: 5:00 PM -- Wulsin seems to have thrown cold water on Black's call for a series of debates. She said they have already made at least 24 joint appearances across the southern Ohio district. She also challenged Black to join her in refusing Congressional health care benefits "until Congress does its job and passes affordable health care for all."]

[UPDATE 2: 5:05 PM -- On the Republican side of OH-02, Weapons of Mass Discussion reports that U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt has picked up an important endorsement from the founder of the national right-to-life movement. Dr. John C. Willke, a Cincinnati physician, lined up with Schmidt last month. That gives her a boost in the GOP primary against Phil Heimlich and State Rep. Tom Brinkman, both stalwarts in the right-to-life movement, as is Schmidt.]

The text of the letter that Black sent Wulsin today seeking the Democratic debates reads as follows:

January 7, 2008
Dr. Victoria Wulsin
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Vic,
Unfortunately, we now live in a world where politicians rely on 30 second sound-bites and slick slogans to communicate with voters. Voters deserve better. The time has come for a substantive discussion about the issues that affect people’s daily lives.

With that in mind, I challenge you to join me in a minimum of seven (7) forums/debates throughout the 2nd Congressional District. Democratic voters must be able to make an informed decision on March 4th. They deserve to know exactly where we stand on issues ranging from the economy to national security, and who will be the strongest Democratic candidate to win in November.

It is time for a change of direction in this country. It is time for voters to hear where we really stand – beyond slogans and sound-bites. It is time for substantive discussion. I hope you will join me in standing before Democratic voters across the 2nd Congressional District and allowing them the opportunity to assess our respective candidacies.
Steve Black


  1. .

    LoL, LOL, LOL !

    Typical swift-boat rhetoric !

    Since, Mr.Black has spent his political ideology as a wRong wingnut whacko, he needs to court the Democratic voters, not Vic !

    The real Democrats know Vic, and know her well !

    She has greeted the voters personally through two primaries and one general election !

    We know her !

    Frankly, the Democratic voter doesn't care about Steve Black because we can understand why he would want to be a Democrat, but, we can not understand why he would ever want to be a wRong wingnut whacko !

    We already know that Mr. Black feels there should be no farm subsidies for the farmers in the second district, yet, the tax payers have given Mr. Black over $30,000 in tax-years 04,05,06 for his personal vegetables and feeding his personal horses to ride the luxury trails of Indian Hills !

    Vic needs to spend her time personally with the voters and let the former Republican knock on his own doors !

    Typical for the former wRong wingnut whacko attempting to take the easy riding path by exploiting Vic's popularity !

    GET A LIFE, Mr. Black !

    Take your wRong wingnut whacko contributions down the riding trail because the Democratic primary voters can see right though your attempt of bed-hopping from the wRong wingnut whacko party !

    The wRong wingnut whackos plant a, subsidized, 'black mole' for what they would view as a win-win !

    Sorry, the Democratic primary voters:

    DO NOT SUPPORT LOSERS, or foot-tapping, bed-hoppers !


  2. .

    We can't wait to get our hands on all that black, mailed, propaganda lit-pieces !




  3. Victoria Wulsin is a perennial losing candidate and will once again be a losing candidate in the general election. I'm sick of both of these Indian Hill millionaires dabbling in politics to give themselves something to do. At least Steve Black hasn't killed anyone by injecting them with tuberculosis toxin for self-advancement.

  4. .
    "...At least Steve Black hasn't killed anyone ...self-advancement. January 08, 2008 11:09 AM..."

    Typical young and green, beacon-maniac !

    You seem to discount that the 'black mole' has the wRong wingnut whacko ideology embedded into his brain !

    The same ideology that doesn't believe in Farm Subsidies for the 2nd district !

    The same ideology that has Americans being killed each day for $100.00 barrel oil !

    The same ideology that has permitted guilt by location in OTR !

    The same ideology that permits blacks to face drug-prison 10 - 21 more times than whites !

    The same ideology that does'nt believe in health care for all children !

    The same ideology that has injected the 'culture of corruption' into our election system !

    No, the Democratic primary voters will exterminate the 'black mole' during the tides of March !

    Yes, the wRong wingnut whackos would better serve the community by paying their un-subsidized tax's rather than stuffing the campaign coffers of the flip-flopping illusionary political savior !

    Just what we need:

    Another comb-over in congress !

  5. Show me the MoneyJanuary 08, 2008 1:09 PM


    Here is a quick thought:

    How many children could have been immunized, against killer disease, if the 'black mole' didn't receive his $33,000 tax-break for his personal vegetable garden usage and the feeding of his recreational riding trail horses ?



  6. "Sorry, the Democratic primary voters:


    that's why i support wulsin...because she's a winner...

    well, except for any time she runs for congress...

    how does that saying go again, anonymous/reality check/show me the money?

    something like, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"

    let's see...
    2005, Wulsin loses in the special primary.
    2006, Wulsin snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

    but somehow you're able to delude yourself into thinking that things are going to work out differently this time?

    will you be writing in kerry on the ballot this year too?

    on a related note, i have a bridge for sale if you're interested.

    i do find it interesting that you'd support wulsin, considering you clearly don't agree with her views...

    e.g., her website talks about end[ing] partisan bickering and start[ing] to work toward solutions to the common challenges facing us all..."

    you, on the other hand, don't seem to mind slagging another member of your own party in the hopes of seeing wulsin pull off a trifecta of lost elections.

    god forbid the voters in the second district have an opportunity to hear the candidates discuss the characterize it as a sad attempt by black to court democratic voters...the other side of the coin though is a sad attempt by wulsin to prevent democratic voters from getting a chance to familiarize themselves with another candidate, so that she can cruise to victory on nothing but name recognition...

    maybe 7 debates is excessive, but wulsin's outright refusal to debate is an excessive disservice to the voters...more so, it strikes a tone of cowardice on the part of her campaign (let's face it, she's demonstrated in past debates that she's not the most eloquent or effective speaker), and engenders an anti-democratic sense of entitlement to the nomination...

    if she wants my support, she's going to have to earn it -- so far she's done little to prove that she's worthy of it, and her refusal to debate steve black certainly isn't helping her make her case in my book.

  7. .
    "...her refusal to debate January 09, 2008 4:11 PM"

    She doen't need the support of the 'black mole's' campaign staff !

    Wulsin needs only to debate one wRong wingnut whacko, and it isn't the 'black-mole' !

    We're already tired of being raked over the hay !

    PATHETIC 'foot-tapping, bed-hopping, flip-flopper' !


  8. while i'm honored that you found my writing so compelling that you'd assume i'm on black's campaign staff, i'm afraid you're mistaken...

    i'm just a lowly employee at a non-profit association in dc...

    don't worry though...thank god for absentee ballots...