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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ohio Dem Blogger Disgusted By Clintons: Bolting To Bloomberg?

AKRON (TDB) -- The PsychoBillyDemocrat may have to change its name. Prominent Ohio blogger Redhorse is publicly threatening to support New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg if hizzoner launches a third party presidential bid. The billy says the Clintons are running a "disgraceful" campaign for the Dem nomination against Obama.

"But the lies, the outright, proven lies that they continue to spew are disgusting . . . And the innuendo. Her surrogates denigrating Obama on nothing more than racial stereotypes. The fear mongering a la Bush (re: Gordon Brown and Al Qaeda etc.) that you can't hire this guy or else the terrorists will attack. They have reached, maybe perfected, that lowest common denominator: campaigning on fear and hate. . . When she wins, here's hoping Bloomberg sees fit to dip into his vast wealth and wage a campaign."

Bottomline: Will Ohioans end up reading the PsycoBillyIndycrat?


  1. Indycrat, eh? It doesn't feel right on the tongue, that's for certain, but I'm also certain I won't fill in the bubble [paper ballots here] next to Clinton's name.

    And yes, I realize I'm getting dangerously close to parodying myself with the incessant flogging, but I also can't stop. ;)

  2. Redhorse --

    No, you are not a parody. You are playing a good hand. I was with Kevin DeWine today when he said, in so many words, that Clinton would be his party's strongest candidate. On that score, I'll say he knew what he was talking about.

  3. I completely agree with Mr. DeWine: Hillary is the GOP's best hope.