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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray: A Politican Who Can't Hog The Spotlight

[UPDATE: 2/1/08 -- Event postponed by the winter storm that rolled in overnight. No back up date yet.]
GREENVILLE, Ohio (TDB) -- State Treasurer Richard Cordray is scheduled to play second-fiddle to an economic forecasting pig. He'll be the top state official on hand when Dave, a plump porcine, predicts if 2008 is going to be a fat year. The Feb. 1 event is sponsored by the Darke County Chamber of Commerce and takes place 24 hours in advance of Groundhog Day. What do we call it? One Swine Day?

In Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil has been crawling out of his burrow for generations on Feb. 2 and predicting whether winter will last for six more weeks. Phil does it by checking his shadow. Cordray is going to preside over Dave the Pig's debut -- the swine gets to going to choose between a trough or sugar or sawdust. If his snout is drawn to the sawdust, then maybe the Fed's interest rate cutting may be a lost cause for Wall Street, let alone the IRS stimulus checks that Bush and Congress are mailing. Cordray studied economics at Oxford and admits he's a bit apprehensive:

"I'm familiar with bear and bull markets, but hogs are a new one on me. I hope my take will be sufficiently palatable."

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