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Monday, January 28, 2008

Victoria's Little Secret: Ohio Apparel Firm Ranks 4th In Internet Retail Sales

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Nielson Online, which tracks global spending and sales on the Internet, reveals there is only one Ohio-based company that shows up with a Top 10 Internet marketing presence based on site traffic. That honor belongs to Victoria's Secret, which lands at No. 4in the latest rankings. Does that mean sex sells? Not exactly. Victoria's Secret finished significantly behind e-Bay's sales of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and watches. It also trailed L.L. Bean, the catalog-house from Maine. Nielsen Online counted about 5.79 million unique visitors for the Ohio firm in December.

Among the department stores -- the big retailers -- Cincinnati-based Macy's Inc., did not finish in the Top 10 as an online seller. The complete survey is available HERE, and it shows that South Koreans do more shopping on the 'net than any other nation on Earth. Americans are in 8th place.

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