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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Clinton Campaign Strategist Mark Penn: Admits February States Favor Obama

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Hillary Clinton's top political strategist is downplaying her chances in the 8 states still to hold primaries or caucuses in February. That list includes:
  • Feb. 9 -- Lousiana (primary), Nebraska (caucus), Washington (caucus).
  • Feb. 10 -- Maine (caucus).
  • Feb. 12 -- District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (primaries).
  • Feb. 19 -- Hawaii (caucus), Wisconsin (primary).

Mark Penn's spin is that the calendar changes to Clinton's favor in March, when Ohio votes. Penn published this memo, and writes off the rest of February when he says near the end:

"The clock is running out on Sen. Obama's venue of choice -- the caucus. There are only five remaining caucuses, the last one in early March. Hillary, on the other hand, has excelled in the large state primaries -- the states that will have the most impact come November. Although the remaining February map will favor Obama, the remaining three large primary states -- Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania (April 22) -- are states with a lot of delegates, strong support from elected officials there (governors sof Ohio and PA), and who see Hillary as the candidate with the solutions to the problems they face."

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