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Friday, February 01, 2008

An Endorsement That Matters

By froggermarch
I was sticking with John Edwards as long as I could. I’ve been angry with what the Republican Party has done to our nation and I didn’t really feel like making nice with everybody, or of backing a senator who had not, at the least, completely renounced a vote to authorize George W. Bush to use military force in Iraq. I also felt that Edwards had the best chance to ensure the Democrats recaptured the White House, with a real chance at making inroads in the Deep South that could be significant in the long term.

Then came the endorsements, and I started to waver. Surprisingly, to me given that I have yet to watch a complete edition of her show, Oprah first got my attention. She seemed to both capture and catapult the inspirational quality of a man we were all inspired by at the Democratic Convention. Kerry jumped in, but that didn’t mean a whole lot to me. As I received his fundraising letter on Obama’s behalf, however (made ironically possible by my donation to the Kerry/Edwards campaign) I realized the significance that such a mailing list would have on the financial viability of the Obama campaign. I began to cry “Uncle” at the same time Caroline followed the word with “Teddy” as she invoked her father’s memory and spirit. The only record album I can recall my mother ever buying was a commemorative edition of JFK’s speeches in 1963, and the words of the Kennedy’s and the candidate they endorsed reminded me of how those words—and more importantly the ideas behind them—had shaped my family’s and my country’s path.

But, in the wake of the Edwards withdrawal the endorsement that has put me over the top and cleanly into the Obama camp was this one from Ann Coulter.


  1. Just so I understand: Ann Coulter being, well, Ann Coulter and claiming that she would campaign for Clinton if McCain wins the GOP nomination, has made you choose Obama?

    Ok. :)

  2. Jill --

    I hope frogger responds to your comment. I would love to see two great intellects going back and forth. I have to tell you, Jill, that frogger is pretty high energy. I don't know if frogger will be at the Obama organizing event in Columbus tomorrow. I'll be there with my son, Wesley, the XU poli sci student. He's pretty sold on the guy from Illinois.

  3. Very cool, Bill! Have fun - look forward to you blogging about it I hope!