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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Huffpo's Beverly Davis On Ohio Primary: March 4 Is D-Day For Dems

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- The Huffington Post has surveyed the Ohio battleground between Obama and Hillary and says both campaigns now have their elite troops on the ground for a "killer match." New York-based writer Beverly Davis -- who normally covers Europe -- even managed to cite and link to The Daily Bellwether in the piece she filed today. Davis says no other state remaining on the primary schedule will have the impact of Ohio, where the Huffpo headline says Obama has now landed his A-team for D-Day:

"Behind the scenes of the Obama-Clinton race to capture Ohio's 161 delegates, the biggest jackpot of states still in contention, it will be a killer match between each campaign's point man: Paul Tewes and Robby Mook.

"Among campaign professionals, Tewes is widely regarded among the very most talented political organizers in the nation -- he's largely responsible for Obama's surprise win in Iowa, which proved that the 'inevitable' nomination of Hillary Clinton wasn't so inevitable and that white voters, independents, and women could be lured to Obama. Mook also comes with an impressive campaign record. He was Howard Dean's field director in the New Hampshire primary and a former deputy field director for the Democratic National Committee. As the state director for Nevada, he led Hillary Clinton's impressive win there last month, successfully wooing Latinos and women back to the Clinton fold."

This bit of 2008 campaign minutiae wasn't reported by Huffpo: Tewes and Mook went head to head in Nevada.

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