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Monday, February 18, 2008

OH-02 Dem Primary: Steve Black Posts Video Of 80-Minute Debate With Vic Wulsin

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The four-part video of a Feb. 6 debate in Warren County is available online here. The complete program is about 80 minutes long and appears to be unedited. It was posted on Steve Black's campaign Web site today. Now you have an opportunity to see the candidates for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District side-by-side taking questions from a Democratic audience.


  1. The person listed as "anonymous" who always vulgarly comments on anything about Wulsin/Black is actually Josh Levin, Wulsin's campaign manager. Levin shows from his comments that he's not emotionally stable. He will be posting here soon.

  2. OK, this is hilarious... I was going to leave a comment asking where countyworkerlisa is and whether she is hurt, or something has happened to her Wu-dar (like gay-day, except for Wulsin). It's hard to imagine her passing up the chance to leave a comment re: Wulsin.

    Good to know she's okay and still setting the standard for emotional stability.

    (FYI,Josh Levin made me write this)

  3. .

    Looks like the 'black mole' is in desperation , ego justification, mode !

    Also, looks like the Hon. Josh Levin has the wRong wingnut whacko flip-flopper on the ropes since those free-loading county workers have endorsed the self-financed, can't we buy a seat, candidate's:

    Farm or Fleece .com



  4. Josh, we know it's you.

  5. .
    "...CountyworkerLisa said...Josh, we know it's you. February 18, 2008 9:51 PM"

    We hope your as keen interpreting the voters, as well !

    Perhaps, your communist buddy, Castro, has your answer ?

    Pathetic !


  6. We??? Who is "we?" The voices in your head don't actually count as other people, you know!

    (Josh L. is controlling my mind and made me write this, too)

  7. .
    "... WestEnder said...We??? Who is "we?" The voices in your head don't actually count as other people, you know!"

    We, as in more than one !

    We, as in, collectively under the 'black's wRong wingnut whacko' Castro regime !

    Get it, sock-puppet ?

    Now, get back to clicking those NAZI heals before we start reprogramming you !

    Bet you love those price hill girls !


  8. There's 80 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    Steve really got roasted on his negative attacks. Multiple people were pretty upset about his mailers.

    I'm with the audience - having a family trust and someone who manages it for you really isn't an excuse for buying Halliburton and holding a bunch of oil company stock when you're talking about "getting tough" on them. "I can't control those investments" - really? (Part 1, right at the end)

    Interesting that Wulsin was talking about self-funding two weeks ago, long before Black dumped part of his personal fortune into the race. (Part 4, right at the beginning)

    Interesting that Black talks about "re-examining" his politics after the Iraq war began, but still voted in the Republican primaries in 2004 and 2006. He didn't have a clear answer about when he changed and why.

    I'm a Wulsin fan, no doubt. That video didn't make me think a whole lot better of Steve.

    (Just for Lisa: Josh Levin made me write this!)

  9. It's a little weird that the very first post is some "inside baseball" comment by this Lisa person, who clearly has some sort of axe to grind against Josh Levin, who nobody cares about.

    Getting back to the actual content of the actual videos, I have to say it's weird for Black to post these unedited, since it's pretty clear he lost. At least I give him credit for posting them unedited.

  10. This is fun!

    I overslept this morning. Josh Levin made me do it.

    I wonderwhat else he's responsible for?

  11. Isn't it pretty sad that Wulsin can't even answer half the questions and has to turn to Steve to let him answer them?

  12. What else is Josh Levin responsible for in your life? Check you asshole.

  13. .

    We hear Josh Levin straps the 'flip-flopping mole' to the black farm's hitching post because the fleecing candidate likes to get beat: REAL GOOD !


  14. Catch this: Watch the first tape of the debate, starting around 10:45. At 10:52 Black blurts out, "I'm a Rep--." The word almost escapes his lips--and the word is Republican. Bwahahaha! Yes, Mr. Black, we know, we know.

  15. Vic Wulsin clearly dominated the debate. I was there. She was poised and prepared. She far better articulated her positions, her reasons for running, her qualifications, and her rebuttal to Steve Black's misleading and baseless attacks. I feel it was Vic's best performance in any forum that I've witnessed to date. Steve (poor Steve, because after awhile even the unsupportive and unsympathetic audience kind of felt sorry for his lame performance)was outclassed and out-debated. Vic showed why she's qualified and ready to be our next 2nd District Congressperson.

  16. Does anybody think that Steve Black looks like Bob Taft? There is some resemblance IMHO.

    Can't figure out who Wulsin reminds me of. The actor who was married to the Gabor sister on Green Acres. Eddie Albert? Eddie Arnold?

  17. Steve Black's litigation experience showed through... I thought he destroyed Vic Wulsin with substantive answers. Watch her facial expressions. Vic Wulsin is a nice and very respectable woman. But she's a featherweight, not congresswoman material. After seeing this I feel like Black will at least role up his sleeves and fight, and that's what the dems need right now.

  18. .

    We were there and it looked like the same as the video posted on his website.

    In his opening statement he read it from a sheet of paper !

    He lacks oratorical skills.

    Surprising, for such a lie-yer !

    He must be a corporate lackey. He certainly doesn't have any communication skills.

    He was boohooed so bad !

    We even heard Bah bah black sheep ?

    lol, lol, lol

    We almost busted a gut !

    Must be someone who has read the posts about:

    Farm or Fleece .com

    Or seen the new commercials ?

  19. I was there, so there sure seems to be a difference in opinions about the candidates' performances! If anything, Vic's 'litigation experience' came thru for someone that isn't even an attorney. Steve's arguments were decimated by Vic's substantive ones as well as her replies, which Steve was totally unable to effectively refute. Further, Steve seemed embarrassed and sheepish when he was directly confronted about his thoroughly misleading attacks by the audience members, i.e., real people. And Vic was confident, composed, strong, even ferocious, in her thorough and methodical rebuttal to every single of Steve's misleading charges. You talk about someone who was going to roll up her sleeves and fight, Vic was the one that had the tough, confident, thorough, tough as nails performance. She took on Steve head-on and he couldn't effectively rebut, nor compete with, her depth of knowledge on the issues or defend his positions. Vic is clearly the candidate that's primed and ready to be our Congressperson.

  20. Victoria Wulsin is a perennial loser. A well-funded loser. She will once more drag down Democrats when she loses to a Republican in November. She's been running since 2005 and can't win.