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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ohio Presidential Primary Ballots: Still List Kucinich, Fred Thompson and Rudy

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- The ballots started going out to absentee voters in Ohio five days ago. And six presidential candidates who say they aren't running any longer still are shown as having their names in the race, as the link to the Secretary of State's office shows. Official explanations from elections officials vary: The six suspended campaigning too late to be removed from the March 4 ballot, or they didn't legally withdraw. Inquiring minds are wondering: Might the presence of these non-active candidates affect the outcome in close races? If Edwards gets some 5,000 votes statewide, does he impact Clinton v. Obama?

In the March 4 Democratic primary, voters will see the names of:

  • Barack Obama
  • John Edwards (out of race)
  • Dennis Kucinich (out of race)
  • Hillary Clinton

Republicans will find:

  • Fred Thompson (out)
  • Mitt Romney (out)
  • Ron Paul
  • John McCain
  • Rudy Giuliani (out)
  • Mike Huckabee


  1. FYI...rudy is out

  2. I am voting for Fred Dalton Thompson in the GOP primary...the primary is the time for sending the message that both (Ron Paul is out of it whether or not he knows it yet or not) of the remaining candidates suck. Come time for the general, you can be assured that I'll vote against the Democrat rather than for the Republican...

  3. Matt --

    Have you said this on your blog? It's a pretty good item -- that GOPers who can't stand McCain and Huckabee have an option in Ohio. Are you going to start a drive to get people to vote for anybody but Mac or Huck? Big news there, I sense.

  4. I am also spreading the word to vote for Fred in the Ohio Primary. A vote for Fred will send a CLEAR CONSERVATIVE message to the McCain campaign AND the RNC who will be watching Ohio very closely.

    GO FRED!