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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ohio Republican Party: Shifts Fire From Hillary To Obama

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- For most of the past year, Hillary Clinton has been the prime target of GOP strategists. This week, the Ohio Republican Party proclaimed Obama even more liberal than the woman who's been its sturdy arch-villain. Is the shift a sign that Republicans now recognize the Illinois senator poses a greater threat? After all, just 10 days ago ORP deputy chair Kevin DeWine told the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce that Clinton was the candidate his party preferred to face. Indeed, he said he endorsed her run -- a counterintuitive remark.

Now the attack on Obama has appeared on the ORP's official blog:

"And this is the guy Democrats think will unite the country? The only part of the country he's uniting is the far left wing of the Democratic Party."


  1. The rats always scurry in the bowels of the ship just before it sinks...

  2. I congratulate the GOP on this innovative and complex new strategy.

  3. Eric --

    The GOP Man O' War -- or is it a Swiftboard -- is taking on water? I do think they had their hopes set on a Clinton v. ??? race, and that they planned to savage her. May still happen.

  4. Westender --

    I'm beginning to be a little concerned about the race. Could Obama turn out to be the Ned LaMont of Demoratic presidential politics? I have a very close friend, a Democrat of the Boulder, Colo, variety, who told me Sunday that she intended to vote for McCain if he wins the nomination. This person is so Dem she would have blue skin if she could. But she is not impressed by either Hillary (she does like Bill) and wonders if Obama has the depth and experience for the job. Why McCain? He is of presidential timber -- not a lightweight in her opinion. She said she would be willing to cross party lines for someone she considered truly suited for the office, even if she did not agree with everything McCain says or does. It was interesting, and a bit eyebrow raising, to hear this from a very intelligent, very progressive woman.

  5. I completely relate to your friend from Boulder. I feel much the same way. I liked McCain in 2000 and knew the GOP was officially bonkers when it caved to corporate and evangelical special interests and backed Bush.

    There are Republicans who like Obama and Dems who like McCain. As far as I can tell, the former is far larger than the latter. I wouldn't count on a sizable number of true-blue Dems pulling the lever for McCain. He's done more to assuage the far right than to assuage the Dems, whereas Obama has managed (somehow) to do both.

    At this point I would say that the only thing that can derail Obama is the Party's anemic response to the swiftboating which is sure to happen.