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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ohio's Pro Team Owners Put $$$ On McCain: The Reds, Bengals And St. Louis Cards

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain may be having his problems with the GOP's conservative talkshow wing. But the wealthy guys in SWOhio who own pro sports franchises have had their money riding on the Arizona senator for months. Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown gave McCain a $2,300 contribution last February. At the time, McCain was riding high in the polls and looked like a sure winner. He soon slid and his campaign nearly imploded. At the low point in August, Reds' owner Bob Castellini wrote McCain a $2,300 check. So did Bill DeWitt, who also lives in the upscale Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill. DeWitt owns the St. Louis Cardinals.

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  1. I congratulate all the candidates on their innovative strategy of soliciting funds from wealthy corporate donors.