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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Push-Button Brain Of Bill Cunningham: Will Rant For Money

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain, an Annapolis graduate, is an officer and a gentleman. Cincinnati talk show host Bill Cunningham is a mindless guttersnipe who is a savant at self-promotion. His political philosophy -- seen as glib in some GOP circles -- is actually redacted from the short phrases that are imprinted on bumper stickers. By now, the world knows that Cunningham warmed up a crowd at a McCain rally Tuesday and McCain apologized for the couthless idiot with the block-head and overactive mouth who appeared on his behalf. Just last year, Cunningham was apologizing for himself. He had witlessly remarked that Reds outfielder Adam Dunn was playing drunk. Cunningham had to eat those words, which were untrue.

Cunningham, of course, is not an original political thinker. He's a sock puppet, the Oliver J. Dragon who delivers his ventriloquist's talking points. He's famous for being an apologist for the powerful, and for being wrong; in 1989 he insisted there was no believable evidence Pete Rose bet on baseball, and consistently insisted Rose was innocent until Rose admitted guilt. Cunningham, thus, couldn't spot a lie when it was staring him in the face. His talk show philosophy, boiled down to its essence, is warmed over Rush and Hannity. He lacks originality and creativity. Like a cockroach, he picks up the conservative crumbs that drop from their plates. Even now, after McCain apologized for Cunningham's behavior, the Cincinnati talker could come up with nothing better than to say he would follow Ann Coulter's lead and vote for Hillary Clinton. In his snit, the conservative cockroach stayed true to form, that of an insect species which survives on detritus, and scurried to run off with a Coulter crumb. Cunningham again proved he was a follower -- this time behind Coulter -- because he lacks all ability to deliver an original thought. As the election year proceeds, WLW listeners can expect bumper sticker talk like this as Cunningham expounds on:
  • Education: Ten Commandments, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Crime: Willie Horton, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Iraq War: Support the Troops, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Trade and Globalization: Wal-Mart, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Marriage: Gays, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Mean Jean Schmidt: Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Capital Punishment: Guillotine, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Taxes: Welfare queens, Barack Hussein Obama.
  • John McCain: Swiftboats, Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. Cunningham has been losing the Sunday night network affiliates after he was picked up by Premiere as the replacement for Matt Drudge. He's been bombing in the big markets as a talker. He upstaged a presidential candidate in hopes of reviving his sagging and lackluster national talk show. The Cincinnati GOP hacks who broght him to the McCain rally are losers. Their county is turning blue on their watch. They cannot deliver. They are bankrupt. Cunningham is the strongest thing they have on the bench. He used them to promote himself. The Democrats are lucky to have such inept opponents in Hamilton County.

  2. Sen. John McCain earned his presence on the national stage. He got there by deeds, not words. While Sen. McCain was a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, Willie Cunningham was dodging the draft. Cunningham has never served his country in uniform. He is a yellow belly coward. Sen. McCain gave Willie the Worm a deserved boot in the ass. The hero rode into town and put the jerk in his place.

  3. First Marge, now Bill (aka, Willie, aka, the Great American). Everytime someone from this city makes news, it's for sticking their foot in their mouth and making the rest of us look like low-lifes for living here.

  4. Could not have said it better myself.

    Always Annoyed

  5. Bill --

    Conservative Republican here. You are dead on about Willie. Using the word dead reminds me. William F. Buckley passed away today. He was the brains behind the modern conservative movement. He was a Great American. No cause of death reported. Could it be embarrassment? A coincidence Buckley checked out a day after Cunningham made an ass of himself? Conservatism's Bill Buckley was erudite, the news said. Cincinnati's Bill Cunningham isn't fit to carry his dictionary.

  6. Hey my good Folks in The Nati......Who is this Clown Bill C.???? I actually listen to him while I am working because he is a clown. I would like to give him credit because he appears passionate, but his rhetoric is stale and nothing new, nevertheless, I actually find the show amusing, but thank goodness, he is not taken seriously by except the mindless American Idol crowd who call his show and kiss he Hannity and Limbaugh fans