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Thursday, February 14, 2008

[UPDATED] Two Ohio Polls Out Today: Rasmussen Shows Clinton Ahead; Q-Pac Poll Gives Clinton Larger 55-34 Lead Over Obama

[UPDATED] CINCINNATI (TDD) -- Rasmussen is here with a poll today showing Hillary ahead by 14 points among Dems. It gives her an 81% favorable rating among Ohioans. Meanwhile, the other statewide poll released today is by Q-Pac and can be found here. Q-Pac says Hillary is up by 21 points with less than three weeks to the March 4 primary.


  1. Hillary may be ahead in Ohio, but she's down by double digits -- 12 points -- in Rasmussen's national poll.

    Dems need to face the fact that Obama has a better chance of beating McCain in the general.

  2. Not everyone believes that Obama will have a better chance of beating McCain.

  3. Anon --

    Obama passed Hillary in Rasmussen's national tracking poll Wednesday for the first time. It was so noted here. As for Ohio, now that the state race has started we all can use these recent polls -- Q-Pac, Rass., SurveyUSA as benchmarks -- and when there are new numbers in the next week or so we'll have a good sense of whether Hillary's firewall is holding. Right now, she looks to be in good shape in Ohio. But that could change like the weather.

  4. LisaRenee --

    I don't know who has the better chance of beating McCain in November. 2008 should be a Democratic year. But I have heard Kevin DeWine, deputy state GOP chair, say that he prefers Hillary as the candidate for his party to campaign against in the November general. And I have seen Republican flyers that hammer on the same point. Another possibility: McCain might beat himself. He's the GOP's comeback senior (I was gonna say kid) at the moment. But he does seem to blow his leads, then somehow regain his footing. Maybe he won't be able to climb back up one of these times.

  5. I also think it's interesting to point out of those asked in the Q-Pac for Ohio, 87% of the Democrats picked Clinton when asked if it were a McCain V Clinton scenario and 77% picked Obama if it was an Obama V McCain scenario. More Democrats selected Clinton over McCain in PA and FL than did Obama as well.

  6. Bill, I've heard the opposite when it comes to some of the Republicans I've spoken with when it comes to Obama, they believe some of the 527's and Pacs will be able to do much more against Obama than Clinton. From some of the Democrats here I've spoken with, many echo that belief feeling that even some of the less informed voters out there know quite a bit of the Hillary negatives already and would have less of an impact.

    It's hard to say, especially when we remember what the poll numbers looked like when it was Kerry versus Bush. As they say, the only poll that really counts is on election day.

  7. LisaRenee --

    Hillary has a long history in the public eye. She also has high negatives in the national polls, though in Ohio it seems there is more goodwill. Perhaps she benefits from Gov. Strickland's popularity.

    LisaRenee, it seems to me that this very tough contest between Obama and Clinton might pay dividends by the time the general election comes around. The surviving Dem candidate will be in fighting trim and leading an organization that knows how to punch and counterpunch. That skill was sorely lacking in 2004 when Kerry ran. He seemed like a punching bag. The give and take in Wisconsin the past two days, where Hillary has ran ads and done interviews accusing Obama of ducking a debate, and Obama's ad and statements in immediate response show that they both can deliver a lick. And, clearly to me at least, Hillary seems to be stepping up things a lot in Ohio. Of course, she has a lot to lose -- everything -- if she gets beat in Ohio.

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