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Friday, February 08, 2008

Too Much Cincinnati On Hillary's Ohio Website? That's What BSB Seems To Think

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- OK, so there's a bridge over the Ohio River and a bit of Cincinnati's downtown skyline in the banner (shown above) from Hillary's Ohio page. But it is the OHIO River in that picture -- a waterway that gave the state its name. And the bridge was built by John Augustus Roebling, who went on to build the Brooklyn Bridge with his son. The Brooklyn Bridge happens to be in New York City, in the state that Sen. Clinton represents in Washington, DC.

That said, it's not clear where the grist mill is located. Could be somewhere in NW Ohio, or NE Ohio -- where Buckeye State Blog pointedly notes most of the state's Dems are located. Supposedly, it's a slight to Democrat-rich NE Ohio that that Cincy gets play on Hillary's page. The gripe: The city is supposed to be conservative and Republican.

Wrong, Buckeye. Cincinnati's mayor is a Democrat, as is the council majority. Two of the three Hamilton County commissioners are Dems. True, the county normally votes R (the city votes D) but Hillary may be doing her part to bring about change. She may be trying to ease it from the right side -- where it now is displayed on her banner -- to the middle by November.

As to the red barn in the middle of the banner, that looks like somewhere in Central Ohio. The land along the Ohio River is just not that flat.


  1. The mill is somewhere in teh 17th District most likely. It's on Tim Ryan's Congressional web page

  2. Eric --

    That puts it somewhere in Northeast Ohio -- the land of the Democrats. Of course, I'm assuming that Ryan didn't take a picture of a mill from Jean Schmidt's district and paste it onto his House portal. Can't imagine he would.

  3. The mill is Lanterman's Mill in Youngstown, part of the Mill Creek Park system (and not far from where Idora Park used to be):

  4. Vince --

    So the mill is in NW Ohio. Which means the land of the Democrats got fair play on Hillary's Web banner. Thanks for pointing this sout and solving that part of the equation. In fact, the mill seems to be a more striking picture than the city in the melange of Ohioana that comprises the three sections of the banner. Now, where is that barn? I wonder if BSB was a little over the top on this?