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Sunday, February 24, 2008

University of Pennsylvania's Obama's Ohio NAFTA Mailer 'Indeed Misleading'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- today says an Obama mailer to Ohio Democrats earlier this month contained misleading information. The flier quoted Hillary describing the North American Free Trade Agreement as a "boon" to the U.S. economy. Factcheck said it has found no evidence she ever used the word boon and added, "We find that a mailer criticizing her position on trade is indeed misleading."

[UPDATE: 4:19 PM -- Pho's Norka Pages has more. Pho notes that the details of Hillary's position on NAFTA are murky at best. Clearly, Hillary was never in the front ranks of opponents, and that makes her vulnerable to NAFTA's critics in a state like Ohio, where globalization has played havoc on the state's manufcaturing jobs. In Ohio, NAFTA and trade are powerful issues, especially for blue collar Dems. NAFTA resonates with Dems like immigration among Republicans.]

Here's more from Factcheck, which is based at the University of Pennsylvania and was created to evaluate the truthfulness of political and campaign rhetoric:

"We take no position on whether NAFTA is a boon to the economy or a detriment, and note only that there are plenty of arguments on both sides. We do judge that the Obama campaign is wrong to quote Clinton as using words she never uttered, and it has produced little evidence that she ever had strong praise of any sort for NAFTA's economic benefits."

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